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TID : 66690647 | Dept Tender Number : GEM/2023/B/4239389 | Tender Type :Buy

Ministry Of Home Affairs for Supply of Break Disc Front, Break Pad Front, Break Pad Rear, Break Shoe Rear Hand Brake, Clutch Plate, Presser Plate, Relese Bearing, Wipper Blade, Fly Wheel Bearing, Head Light Bulb, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Break Disc Pad Front, Air Filter, Timing Belt, Wipper Blade, Clutch Plate, Presser Plate, Clutch Relese Bearing, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Break Shoe Front, Break Shoe Rear, Wipper Blade, Center Bearing, U.j. Cross, Shock Absorber Front, Break Shoe Front, Break Shoe Rear, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Wipper Blade, Magnatic Valve, Clutch Plate, Presser Plate, Clutch Relese Bearing, Rear View Mirror Rhs, Rear View Mirror Lhs, Wipper Blade, Oil Filter By Pass, Break Shoe Front, Break Shoe Rear, Break Master Cylinder, Egr Valve Complete, Door Glass Machine Rh Dvr Side, Door Glass Machine Lh, Door Glass Machine Rh Dvr Side, Door Glass Machine Regulator , Door Glass Lh, Door Glass Rh, Door Glass Beeding, Door Glass Chenal, Back Light Assy. Lh, Back Light Assy. Rh, Tarpolion Hood, Rear View Mirror Rh, Rear View Mirror Lh, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, L.t. Wire 6 Mm 25 Mtr, L.t. Wire 5 Mm 25 Mtr, L.t. Wire 4 Mm 25 Mtr, Welding Rod-10no, Welding Rod-08no, M Sheel, Anabond Tube, Aradide Tube, Insulation Tape, Sheet Iron 18 Swg, Hexa Blade Double End, Emery Paper Fine, Fuse Scorpio T-safari 10-15-20 Amp, Battery Terminal Positive and Negative, Nut Bolt 10, 12, 16, 17 No, Old Dhoti, Bettery Lead Positive and Negative, Ply Wood Board 10mm and 15mm, Reflecting Tap Yellow, Silver Paint, Tinner, Black Paint 01 Ltr Pack, White Paint 01 Ltr Pack, Yellew Paint , Red Paint , Red Oxide 1 Ltr Pack , Star Plate , Star , Commander Light Blue Small Fog Light, Led Light for Star Ptate, Benjo Bolt 10 No, Benjo Bolt 12 No, Benjo Bolt 14 No, Benjo Bolt 17 No, Benjo Bolt 19 No, Benjo Bolt 24 No, Benjo Bolt 27 No, Benjo Washer10, 12, 14, 17, 19, Benjo Washer 24, 27 No, Duster Cloth Yello, Head Light Blub 12 V, Horn12 V, Steel Screw Assorted Size, Flag Rod Brash , Tyre Size 7.50×16 16 Ply Rating, Tyre Size 235-70-r-16 , Battery 12 Volt 100 Ah, Battery 12 Volt 150 Ah, De Spanner 6 Mm to 32 Mm, Ring Spanner 6 Mm to 32 Mm, Spanner Box Tubular 10 Mm to 32 Mm, Combination Plier 10 Inch, Nose Plier 8 Inch, Screw Driver 10 Inch, Screw Deiver 8 Inch, Screw Deiver 6 Inch, Screw Driver 4 Inch, Screw Driver Combination Kit, Screw Deiver Philips 8 Inch, Screw Deiver Philips 6 Inch, Screw Driver Philips 4 Inch, Chisel Cold 17 Mm, Chisel Cold 19 Mm, Hammer Ball Pin 02 Lbs, Feeler Gauge .01 Mm to .5 Mm, Adjustable Wrench 300 Mm, Center Punch 300 Mm, Punch Pin 6 Inch, Steel Rule 12 Inch, Spark Plug Spanner, File Flat Bastard 10 Inch, File Round Smooth 6 Inch, File Flat Basterd 6 Inch , File Square 6 Inch, Scissor 8 Inch , Allen Key Set 03 Mm to 10 Mm, Pad Lock with Key, Nose Plier Inner and Outer 6, Mpfi Plug Spanner, Wrench Pipe 10 Inch, Tool Box with Lock, Wheel Nut Opening Machine Pneumatic Gun Air Gun, Welding Machine Portable Single Phase, Hand Grinder Single Phase, Multi Meter, Soldring Iron 150 Watt with Soldring Wire, Fly Wheel Lock, Injector Nozzle Goti -24, 26, 28, 30 Mm, Pipe Wrench Big Size 20 Inch, Valve Lifter Heavy Vehicle., Piston Ring Compressor Light and Heavy Vehicle, Piston Ring Expander, Drill Bit Set Mm Size, Iron Horses Heavy Light and Medium Vehicle, Blow Lamp, Safety Mask for Painting, Welding Face Cover, Qty : 803 at Sikkim, India

Classified in :#Adhesive#Audio/Video Equipments#Automobile Ancillaries#Battery and Cell#Bearing#Bolts And Nuts#Circuit Breakers/Fuse#Cloth#Clutch#Compressor#Disposable Medical – Surgical Items#Diversified Electrical Spares And Stores#Drill Machine#Filter#Gauge#Glass#Grinder#Hammer Set#Hardware And Accessories#Lab Equipment#Leather#Light and Bulb#Lock#Lubricant Product#Metal Sheet#Meter#Nozzle#Oil Filter#Paint#Plywood#Protection Kit#Rod#screw#Spanner#Textile product#Thinner#Tool#Tyre#Valve#Washer#Welding Electrode and Stores#Wire And Cable

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Key Date

Tender Bid Submission Date:04-Dec-2023
Days Pending:10Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:04-Dec-2023

Key Location

Tender Location:Sikkim,India
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