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TID : 66529269 | Dept Tender Number : 2023_ITIT_605268_1 | Tender Type :Buy

Industrial Training Institute for Supply of Training Materials, Mild Steel ½” Square Bar, Mild Steel Round Bar ø 35 mm (13/8” ), Mild Steel Round Bar ø 45 mm (13/4“), Mild Steel Round Bar ø 50 mm (2”), Mild Steel Round Bar ø 63.5 mm (2½”), Mild Steel Flat 50 ×10 mm, Mild Steel Bright Rod ø 3/8”, 10 mm MS Square Bar (20 m long) , 12 mm MS Square Bar (20 m long), C.I. Block (100×80×70 mm), H.S.S. tool bit (S-500) 3/8” ×3/8”×3”, Cotton Waste, Cleaning Brush 2”, Grease (General Purpose), 3/8”×BSW×2” Bolt (Harden and Temper Square headed), 3/8”×BSW×3” Bolt (Harden and Temper Square headed), M.S. Electrode ø 4 mm, M.S. Electrode ø 3.15 mm , M.S. Electrode ø 2.5 mm, M.S. Flat 06×50 mm (200 m), M.S. Flat 08×50 mm (200 m), M.S. Flat 10×50 mm (200 m), Gas W/L Rubber Hose Pipe Oxygen, Gas W/L Rubber Hose Pipe Acetylene, Gas W/L Goggles, Hand Shield ISI with DIN glass, Arc W/L Black Fitter Glass Shade din 11 shade, Arc W/L Black Fitter Glass Shade din 12 shade, Helmet for Arc W/L ISI Marked, White Glass for Hand Shield Clean Visibility, Leather Hand Gloves 14”, Leather Hand Gloves 18”, Power Saw Blade 12”, Power Saw Blade 14”, Power Saw Blade 18”, Hacksaw Blade 18 TPI 12”, High Carbon Steel, M.S. Sheet 4’×8’×2 mm (2 Nos. sheet), M.S. Sheet 4’×8’×3 mm (2 Nos.sheet), M.S. Pipe ø 50 mm WT 03 mm 20 m long (03 Nos.), C.C.M.S. Fitter Rod 1.6 mm, Welding Cable Copper 100 Sq. mm (600 A), M.S. Flat 6 5 mm×8 mm×30 m, M.S. Flat 75 mm×8 mm×10 m, M.S Flat 50 mm×8 mm×10 m, Hacksaw Blade 300×12 ½ × 24 TPI, 1 Sq. mm Copper flexible wire, 1.5 Sq. mm Copper flexible wire, 23/36 Twin core flexible wire, 6A, 230V, One Way Switch, 16A, 230V, Two Way Switch, 7/22 S.W.G. P.V.C. Aluminium wire, P.V.C. Adhesive tape – Red, P.V.C. Adhesive tape – Yellow, P.V.C. Adhesive tape – Blue, P.V.C. Adhesive tape – Black, Pendent holder, Soldering wire, Intermediate Switch, 2.5 MFD, 400 V Capacitor, Lamp 200 W, Capacitor 2.25 µF, Capacitor 2.05 µF, Batten Holder, 3 Pin Plug Top, 5 A, Cloth Duster, P.V.C. Switch Board – 8” x 6”, P.V.C. Switch Board – 6” x 4”, P.V.C. Switch Board – 4” x 4”, P.V.C. Switch Board – 3” x 3”, P.V.C. Half Box 3’’ x 3’’, P.V.C. insulated aluminium wire 1.5 Sq. mm, Switch Piano type, 1 way, 5 A, Switch Piano type, 2 way, 5 A, Tube Light Fittings LED type, 20 W, LED Bulb – 9 W, LED Bulb – 5 W, LED Bulb – 15 W, 7/20 SWG aluminium wire, G.I. wire 10 SWG, G.I. binding wire 22 SWG, White Board marker pen – green, White Board marker pen – red, White Board marker pen – black, White Board marker pen – blue, Bell switch, piano type, Plain Poplin – Yellow, Plain Poplin – Green, , Plain Poplin – Blue, Plain Poplin – Pink, Printed Poplin, Machine Thread (Different Colour), Milton Cloth, 60”/ 45“, Rubia Cloth, Blouse hook, Marking Chalk, Shirt Button (Different Colour), Hand Needle, Paper Pasting, Couar Pasting, Machine Needle (Double) Size – 14 no. at Kolkata,West Bengal,India

Classified in :#Adhesive#Angle#Audio/Video Equipments#Bag#bar#Bolts And Nuts#Brush#Capacitor#Cleaning Consumables#Cloth#Cotton waste#Cutting Machine#distribution board#Diversified Electrical Spares And Stores#Gloves#Grinder#helmet#Hook#Hose#Leather#Light and Bulb#Lubricant Product#M S Flat#M S Pipe#Metal Sheet#Miscellaneous Articles#Plastic product#Plywood#Protection Kit#Rod#Soap#Stationery#Steel Product#Switches/Plug#Tool#Welding Electrode and Stores#Wire And Cable

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Key Date

Tender Bid Submission Date:29-Nov-2023
Days Pending:5Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:01-Dec-2023

Key Location

Tender Location:Kolkata,West Bengal,India
Address:Industrial Training Institute Tollygung
tollygunge Govt. Iti
pincode 700040

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