Comprehensive welding solutions under one roof: The Cloos advantage


SUMON MITRA, COO, Cloos India Welding Technology Private Limited

Automated welding has emerged as a game-changer across industries, promising increased efficiency, precision, and reliability. At the forefront of this transformation Sumon Mitra, COO, Cloos India Welding Technology Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the globally renowned welding automation giant Cloos, takes Weldfab Tech Times through their latest success stories in various section of welding by their innovative technology.

In 2011, Cloos India Welding Technology Pvt. Ltd. embarked on its journey as a 100 per cent subsidiary, set to revolutionise welding automation in the Indian market.

Initially headquartered in Gurgaon, the company quickly positioned itself as a solution provider rather than a mere product seller. In 2013, the headquarters was shifted from Gurgaon to Pune, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments.

The core strength of Cloos lies in its unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. With an integrated manufacturing process at Haiger, Germany, everything from manual to automated welding is meticulously crafted under one roof. It starts with the contact TIP of the welding torch.

This ensures every technical component – from welding torch tips to cutting-edge robotics, control panels, sensors, welding systems, and crucial software. This unique approach ensures rigorous testing and seamless integration before delivery, ultimately translating to unparalleled success at customer sites.

Welding automation solutions

Cloos India’s success is not just attributed to its exceptional products but also to its strategic foresight. As the Indian industrial landscape embraces automation, the demand for welding automation solutions has skyrocketed. Manual welding could be faster and more reliable due to the unavailability of skilled welders. Previously, robotic welding was considered for high- volume production due to higher capital investment. Cloos has shattered this limitation by introducing entry-level robotic welding systems, democratizing automation for businesses of all scales.

The ArcBot -Cobot welding package is a recent game changer, a testament to Cloos’ innovation. This package minimizes programming complexities, making it user-friendly and adaptable to various products. The market’s enthusiastic response underlines the package’s potential to revolutionize the automation arena.

Cloos India’s clientele spans diverse sectors, including earth-moving, boiler, and electrical engineering, shipping, and fabrication industries. The company’s exceptional German engineering heritage, spanning over a century, assures qualityand reliability that few can match. Numerous instances of Cloos robotic welding systems functioning perfectly in India for over 30 years stand as a testament to their commitment.

Quality extends beyond products to service and support. Cloos India boasts a robust stock of spares and consumables in Pune, ensuring swift nationwide deliveries within 48 hours. The service team is strategically placed across customer locations, working diligently to provide seamless assistance. The company’s commitment to growth is evident in the doubled service engineer workforce and comprehensive training programs.

Under the visionary leadership of its head, Cloos India has achieved remarkable milestones. The company’s expansion into new sectors led to a staggering 2022 turnover that more than doubled, reflecting the widespread adoption of their automation solutions. Under the visionary leadership of Mr Sumon Mitra, Cloos India has achieved remarkable milestones. The company’s expansion into new sectors led to a staggering 2022 turnover that more than doubled, reflecting the widespread adoption of their automation solutions.

Cloos offline & online programming demonstration center at Pune

Case Study

In early 2021, Cloos India received an inquiry from a renowned global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment based in Chennai. The inquiry pertained to welding a substantial complete mainframe weighing approximately 17 tons. Notably, the customer had previously employed a robotic system for the same product, but expressed dissatisfaction with its performance.

Cloos’ technical sales team meticulously analyzed the issue and made a commitment to rectify it through a fully customised system design and adaptive welding technology. Presently, Cloos India takes pride in sharing that within just two years, they successfully delivered three similar systems to the customer, underscoring the trust they have garnered in the Indian industry.

Driven by current market demand, several customers opted for integrated systems from local suppliers. However, it became evident that these systems fell short of delivering the promised outcomes, lacking a sense of final accountability. In response, Cloos India took on special projects to transform such systems into productive ones. Adding to their accomplishments, Cloos India recently secured the contract for the first welding robotic system designed for shipyards. They were the sole entity to meet the stringent technical requirements, a testament to their expertise. With over a century of experience, Cloos India takes pride in being a comprehensive solution provider that supports the industry effectively.

A message for the industry

To industry leaders contemplating entry into automated welding production, Cloos India offers a resounding invitation. Reach out to their technical sales team with product details and welding requirements, and rest assured of a partnership dedicated to welding quality, training, and unwavering support. Cloos’ reputation as a reliable single-source supplier remains steadfast. It is poised to drive the industry into a future of automated excellence.


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