Smart Focus Series by Kjellberg for Plasma Cutting up to 100 mm


As one of the longest established manufacturers of plasma cutting technique in the market Kjellberg has always endeavoured to further develop and perfect proven technologies. The plasma series Smart Focus for the mechanised plasma cutting from 1 to 100 mm with a maximum cutting current of 400 A. The power sources are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Kjellberg responds to the increasing demands on plasma cutting techniques with the Smart Focus plasma cutting systems. Only a few settings suffice to achieve excellent cut results with these systems even under the most demanding conditions and, thus, they meet the high standards of the customers. In response to the restrictions on the industrial use of oxygen during the corona pandemic, Kjellberg developed technologies for the plasma cutting of mild steel with air and of stainless steel with nitrogen.

The patented Contour Cut and Contour Cut Speed technologies will continue to be used to cut contours, webs and holes exactly and quickly. For cutting stainless steel, Kjellberg continues to rely on the unique Ar/H2 technology where single gases can be mixed for each specific job. For reducing the sound pressure level during plasma cutting of mild steel now a new technology is available: With Silent Cut the sound press level is reduced by up to 15 dB(A). The only requirements are the change of the consumables and the use of the Silent Cut database provided by Kjellberg Finsterwalde, thus making Silent Cut also available for existing machines. The result is a considerable reduction of the noise level thus making an important contribution to safety at work. For optimum control of the gases, the plasma power sources of the Smart Focus series are equipped with newly developed gas consoles, either manual (for all materials), automatic (with variants suitable only for mild steel and for all materials) and automatic gas console (only for mild steel). The improved gas control makes it possible to achieve high-precision cut results at any time. The cutting speeds are considerably higher compared to competitive products and reduce the costs per cutting metre. The new torches PerCut 2000 and 4000 also contribute to the profitability of the cutting process. Due to their optimised look and functionality, they guarantee a long lifetime of the consumables and their intelligent liquid cooling system reduces the gas consumption.