YASKAWA India establishes a state-of-the-art Robotic experience centre in Manesar, Gurugram, India


YASKAWA India- a leading global provider of robotic automation solutions, has unveiled its state-of-the-art Robotic Experience Centre in Manesar, Gurugram, India. This cutting-edge facility showcases the latest advancements in industrial automation, featuring six industrial robotic cells equipped with Articulated and collaborative robots, drives & motion control products. The experience centre serves as a platform for manufacturers and industry professionals to experience first-hand the transformative capabilities of YASKAWA India’ innovative Robotic automation technologies.

  • COBOT Palletizing: One of the highlights of the YASKAWA Robotic Demo Centre is the Cobot Palletizing cell. Here, visitors can witness the remarkable stacking capabilities of the HC20DTP collaborative robot, which boasts a payload capacity of 20 kg. The demo showcases the stacking height achieved by the cobot, allowing manufacturers to assess its potential in optimizing their palletizing processes. The cell also highlights the intelligent features of YASKAWA’s smart teach pendant and powerful pallet-mate software.

  • Spot Welding: YASKAWA partners with Denyo- a trusted channel partner, to present an advanced Spot-Welding cell. This demonstration showcases the SP210-spot-welding robot’s precision and efficiency when coupled with Denyo’s C-type spot welding gun. Visitors can witness features such as tip wear calculation and sheet thickness detection, providing insights into how these technologies enhance welding processes, resulting in higher quality and productivity.
  • Machine Tending: The Machine Tending cell in the Robotic Demo Centre simulates loading and unloading components using a dummy CNC machine. This demonstration illustrates how the YASKAWA GP12 robot seamlessly handles variant selection and efficiently transfers components. Visitors can observe the robot’s meticulous inspection process and witness rejected components being accurately placed in the rejection bin.

  • Arc Welding: YASKAWA’s Arc Welding cell presents the AR2010 Robot in conjunction with the MDB 250B, a two-axis positioner. This demonstration showcases the impeccable synchronization between the positioner and the robot, effectively exemplifying the efficient welding on car seat frames. The use of a laser pointer further highlights the precision and accuracy of YASKAWA’s robotic welding solutions.
  • Assembly : The Robotic Demo Centre also features an Assembly Application cell, where visitors can witness YASKAWA GP25 robot in action. This demonstration highlights the robot’ capability in performing complex assembly task with speed, accuracy, and repeatability. The cell showcases the potential of YASKAWA’s robot to streamline assembly processes, resulting in improved production efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Painting: Within the painting cell, YASKAWA exhibits the Moto Feeder and EPX1250 Robot combination, both of which are explosion-proof to accommodate the use of paint products. This demo provides a captivating insight into the world of automated car painting, demonstrating how YASKAWA’s robot ensures precise and uniform application of paint. Manufacturers can witness the advantages of using robotic painting solutions, including enhanced efficiency, quality, and worker safety.

YASKAWA India’s new Robotic Experience Centre at Manesar, Gurugram, is a testament to the company’s commitment to driving innovation and revolutionizing industrial automation. The facility’s diverse range of industrial robotic cells, including collaborative robot, spot welding, machine tending, arc welding, assembly, and painting applications, provide manufacturers with invaluable insights into the transformative power of YASKAWA’s cutting-edge technologies. As industries increasingly embrace automation, YASKAWA India’s Robotic Experience Centre is poised to become a hub of inspiration, fostering collaboration and propelling the Indian manufacturing sector into a new era of productivity and efficiency.