The new dual wirefeeder from Fronius


Switch between different filler wires directly on the welding torch

With the touch of a button welders can switch to another filler metal or wire diameter thanks to the Fronius WF 25i Dual. The right wire is ready to go without the need to change the spool or switch to another welding system, making the dual wirefeeder an outstanding solution, both economically and environmentally. What’s more, it offers maximum flexibility and a large range of operation with controlled and stable wirefeeding. 

The dual wirefeeder is the perfect partner for the Fronius TPS/i or the Fronius iWave and can supply each process line with gas separately. It is available for both 450 mm and 300 mm wire spools and delivers incredible flexibility with a variety of options for mounting and operation. Speaking of which, TPS/i users will have reason to celebrate as of July 2023 when a free software upgrade will revolutionize operating convenience and enable the required device settings to be made in just a few clicks. But first, more about the many advantages of the new WF 25i Dual: 

A solution for numerous manual welding requirements

The dual wirefeeder can be used for many practical applications. For example, if you need to switch from a thin wire for tacking to a thicker wire for fill passes, or if a component calls for two filler wire materials such as steel and flux core wire. It has never been so easy to raise flexibility and productivity during manual welding. Notable areas of application are construction machinery and pipeline construction, as well as the automotive industry and its suppliers. 

Switch process line with the torch trigger

The carefully thought-out operating concept behind the WF 25i Dual enables welders to switch the process line, filler wire, and associated parameters in a number of ways. For exceptional convenience, just reach for the second welding torch and start the process line directly with the torch trigger. There’s no need to walk to the wirefeeder anymore. Of course, selection can still be made at the wirefeeder or directly on the welding system display with the touch of a button. Or the RC Panel can be used—this is positioned near the welder so the required process line can be activated there. This is an ideal choice for particularly long hosepacks for systems mounted on a crane or Trabant.

Huge radius of operation with stable wirefeeding

Thanks to the modular design, customers can create a system that meets their exact needs. For example, the WF 25i Dual can be mounted on a cart, crane, Trabant, or boom. This means there is always enough space to reach difficult-to-access areas in complex welding environments. The radius can be enlarged further with an interconnecting hosepack up to 25 meters long between the welding system and the wirefeeder while the wirefeed to the welding torch remains completely stable. 

Economically and environmentally sound

The complete system, which consists of a TPS/i or iWave, the WF 25i Dual, and two welding torches, is a clever combination both from a cost perspective and an environmental point of view. Not only do companies save on the cost of procuring a second welding system, they also avoid the associated carbon footprint – not to mention the time saved as their welders no longer need to switch back and forth between two systems. Instead, they can simply choose between the welding wires at the touch of a button.

TPS/i: Greater operating convenience thanks to a free facelift

Technology leader Fronius promises that the welding systems it sells will be fit for the future. Further proof of this comes in the form of the TPS/i software upgrade. The extensive upgrade can be installed in a flash on all systems sold to date and will be available free of charge as of mid-July 2023. 

What’s new? With just a few clicks the highly simplified menu leads directly to the required welding setting and the start screen can be personalized so that each welder can place all the frequently used settings directly on the main screen. 

See for yourself how user friendly the TPS/i and the WF 25i Dual are. The Fronius team is looking forward to demonstrating the dual wirefeeder and numerous other Fronius innovations for you this September at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade show in Essen, Germany, Hall 3, Stand 3B55, or at FABTECH in Chicago, Booth B27027.

The WF 25i Dual gives you greater flexibility when selecting material and offers a wide range of operation so you can unleash your full welding potential. No matter where the welding system or dual wirefeeder is placed, you can switch between filler wires by pressing the torch trigger.

Two wire spools, two torch packs, but just one welding system for incredible flexibility and time savings when welding manually. No need to purchase a second welding system or waste time carrying out frequent changeovers. This complete system, consisting of the TPS/i and the dual wirefeeder incl. IP23-compliant protective cover, has been compactly mounted on a trolley. 

With the new WF 25i Dual, you can use wire spools with a diameter of up to 450 mm with the version without spool cover, which fulfills protection class IP20.

The RC Panel accompanies the welder everywhere and is positioned in range so that parameters can be changed with ease or the process line can be changed at the touch of a button.

We are Fronius

Over 7,000 employees worldwide, a current export share of 87 percent, and 1446 active patents: that’s us, that’s Fronius. Founded in 1945 as a regional one-man operation, we are now a global player – a fact that is impressively demonstrated by our 37 international subsidiaries and our network of sales partners in more than 60 countries. And yet, at our core, we are still a family-owned company from Austria, active in photovoltaics, welding, and battery charging technology. We have always developed products and solutions for a future worth living, offering our customers an all-in-one package in the process: from advance planning and consulting to ongoing monitoring and a repair service tailored to their specific needs. We are innovative. We are curious. We are Fronius.

We are Perfect Welding

Maximum arc quality, a deep understanding of our customers, a thirst for technical progress: this is what drives us at Fronius Perfect Welding. We are the innovation leader for arc welding and the global market leader for robot-assisted welding. Our customized, automated complete systems and digital welding solutions for Industry 5.0 are the product of our expertise. Intuitive welding systems for manual welding applications, high-quality welding accessories, and effective protective products to keep users’ safe round off our portfolio. As a global company, we offer regional service through local teams who are on hand for our customers around the world. Our technologies break new ground and form connections – between metals, industries, and people.

Please join us to see the live robotic welding at upcoming India Stainless Steel Expo 2023 happening at Greater Noida between 3rd to 5th August. 

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