CLOOS – Individual solutions from a single source


CLOOS Welding technology: Robot and welding technology from a single source
Since 1919, Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH has been one of the leading companies in welding technology. More than 800
employees all over the world realise production solutions in welding and robot technology for industries such as construction
machinery, railway vehicles, automotive and agricultural industry. The modern CLOOS welding sources of the QINEO
series are available for a multitude of welding processes. With the QIROX robots. positioners and special purpose machines
CLOOS develops and manufactures automated welding systems meeting the specific requirements Of the customers. The
special strength of CLOOS is the widely spread competence. Because — from the welding technology, robot mechanics
and controller to positioners, software and sensors — CLOOS supplies everything from a single source.

QI ROX welding robots by CLOOS – Everything for automated Welding and cutting

The Robot is the central element in the QIROX solution package. You benefit in particular from the modular design of the entire mechanics. All components of the robot, from the robot base to the wrist, are perfectly matched to each other. By using different component groups, you get a customised welding robot for every production requirement. With our four robot series for different applications, optimal solutions can be realised for the most diverse welding processes and production environments. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a robot with a classic or a hollow shaft wrist. The robot is supplemented by a variety of different positioners. These expand the working area of the robot and bring the workpieces into an optimal processing position.

QI NEO welding power sources- High-quality welding machines for manual and automated applications

QINEO welding power sources are well known for flexible configuration, nurnerou:s applications. excellent welding results Whether manual or automated welding. thin or thick-walled materials, use in a production hall or on a construction site — the configuration Options Of the QINEO welding power Source’S from are flexible the Of application for welding. The consistently modular platforrn Concept enables individual solutions that Can to SER•CifiC production Conditions and objectives- “From the power level to the operating module to the special equipment. each QINEO is a custornized tailored to the customer’s- The design Of the QINEO welding sources enables versatile applications from the basic welding unit for manual welding to the high- tech welding unit for autornated welding.

C-Gate IoT Platform-Industry 4.0 enable modular digitisation platform for individually networked welding production

We have linked our own industry 4.0 software C-gate, which can provide you with the required signal for industry 4.0, With the C-Gate IoT platform, users can access information from their welding production in real time. All information is entered and processed centrally in an integrated information and communication tool. This allows users to monitor and control their production processes down to the smallest detail. It consists of several modules which users can activate depending on their individual digitalisation strategy.

The QIROX compact cells are perfectly matched “ready to weld” systems in a compact size. Each compact cell is equipped with two welding areas so that a high and economic duty cycle can be obtained. The cells are characterised by a container design and mounted on a base frame which can be transported via forklift trucks. The basic system dimensions allow a transport by truck without any disassembly. Each system consists of a QIROX robot with controller, a water-cooled QINEO welding power source with wire drive unit, cable assemblies, welding torch, torch bracket incl. collision sensor and an automatic torch cleaning unit. Depending on the system, manual rotary tables, rotary tables with turning or turn-tilt positioners are available. We also supply a complete safety package, i. e. protective enclosure, service door, start preselection with emergency stop, glare shield and light barrier. The compact cell is the perfect solution to start with automation and to economically weld smaller components. In order to achieve optimum and economic welding of any workpiece, CLOOS has developed an extensive range of compact cells. They do not require much space and can be easily integrated into any production. From sensors to controller each compact cell or compact system is a tailor-made unit with components which match each other perfectly. With their large variety of welding processes, extensive options and complementary services, CLOOS can offer you the perfect solution for all requirements of automated series production.

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