CHAMPMIG 400 CC/CV is a multi-process welding outfit with an Inverter based Welding Power Source with constant current (CC) and constant voltage characteristics (CV) which is suitable for MMA, TIG and MIG/MAG applications. 

It is portable, Light weight with robust mechanical construction to withstand tough operation condition. Set output parameters are constant against input supply variations of +15 % and -10 %. CHAMPMIG 400 CC/CV operates over the range of 50A- 400A with duty cycle of 60% and efficiency above 87% 

The complete system consists of Power Source, wire feeder, torch and interconnecting cables and control cables between wire feeder and power source. CO2 or mixture of Argon and CO2 gas is used for shielding weld metal against external atmosphere.

It is available with below parameter adjustment on its front panel:

  1. Set current/ Crater current control: Adjustment of set current over the range of 50A- 400A in MMA mode. And adjustment of Crater current in 4T MIG mode 
  2. Hot Start/ Inductance Control: Adjustment of start current 100A more than set current when set at max position in MMA mode. And adjustment of inductance in MIG mode to change the arc dynamics to control the spatter, penetration & bead shape.
  3. Arc force/ Crater voltage control: Arc force function is available in MMA mode only to adjust up to 80A more current than set current. And adjustment of Crater voltage in 4T MIG mode
  4. MMA/ LIFT ARC/ MIG selection
  5. 2T/4T selection
  6. Gas check switch: To check the GAS availability and flow rate of Gas without torch switch pressed with visual indication on 7 segment LED.

Remote Control Socket is also provided to connect Remote Control Unit to set Welding Current remotely in MMA mode only. As soon as remote is connected to this socket it will get automatically detected. 

Power source is protected against single phasing, under voltage, over voltage and temperature rise of power components. 7-segment LED display is provided on Digital Front Panel which shows set voltage & wire feed speed & during welding it display actual voltage & welding current. It shows error message when power source is under protection mode.

CHAMPMIG 400 CC/CV is suitable for fabricators of steel (MS and SS) – infrastructure. And ideal for medium duty rugged site use. The CC-CV functionality makes it suitable for use with stick electrodes or semi-automatic GMAW application. It is used in the Automotive Industries and Steel Structure Industries, for continuous structural welding.  

It is highly reliable workhorse for industrial use!