Welding Machine to operate using salt & water


Mara Vocation Training Centre has designed a cheap welding machine that uses salt and water to make it operate. The rising demand for this machine is expected from the young entrepreneurs like craftsmen, and graduates of vocational training colleges who are not able to buy new welding machines.

According to the Innovator Elly Maduhu, from Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA), the graduates can make their own machine by using the materials that are easily found in scrap metals, and by the cast of vehicles battery, etc.
“When this idea came to my mind, I decided to put it to practice. My target is to help students who are studying welding,” he said.
The cost of other welding machines is generally high, which the startups cannot afford. Thus, the new and affordable welding machine has been introduced. You will have to spend only Sh50,000 to make your own  welding machine that uses salt and water.
“You can save huge amount of money if you opt for this simple technology,” he said.