Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory orders welding wire, gets bricks, stones instead


Rail Coach Factory (RCF), Kapurthala, one of the largest in the country, has received bricks and stones in at least five sealed cartons instead of Stainless Steel (SS) welding wire, which they had ordered from a Mumbai-based company. Thereafter, a stock of 243 cartons, kept at the shop, was checked jointly in the presence of store officials and stones were found in three more welding wire cartons. The matter came to light a few days ago when around 81 sealed cartons of SS welding wire spools of 1.2 mm diameter were received by the RCF. “The incident clearly proves a highly unethical, irresponsible, malafide intention and willful fraudulent act of the concerned firm supplying the SS welding wire to our organisation, having an international repute. Though the RCF authorities did not reveal the cost of these boxes, they said that it is a matter of breach of trust by a renowned supplier.