IIW-India inks MoU with AWPM for the development of Welding fraternity


The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Association of Welding Products Manufacturers (AWPM) on 10th December 2021 at Ador House, Mumbai.

The MoU ceremony was witnessed by the following;

AWPM Members: Pankaj Jain, Chairman; Sanjay Kapoor, Vice Chairman; Nimesh Chinoy, Secretary; Aditya Malkani, Director, Ador Group; Mr Vilas Tamboli, Advisor.

IIW-India Members: Deepak V. Acharya, President; R. Srinivasan, Past President; N Kanagasabai,  Chairman, IIW-India Mumbai branch.

The objective of partnership is to work together towards the betterment of Welding in India.

Mr. Deepak V. Acharya, President, The Indian Institute of Welding said, “This is a historical moment for both the organisations. We together will work for the betterment of the welding industry. The MoU will help us to serve the welding fraternity in a better way.”

IIW-India and AWPM, aims to promote welding science and new technologies. IIW-India with support of AWPM wish set up the R&D Centre for welding with state-of-the-art facilities which can be accessible to entire welding fraternity. The Centre will help to resolve the industry related problems especially on welding. There are very few research facilities on welding in India, so IIW-India and AWPM would like to work together on such projects.

“Our motive is to help the welding industry. We aim to also work together on Students Chapters all over India, wherein the right knowledge will be shared to the students, and the best job opportunities will be created. We look forward to start skill development at Welding Excellence Centre in most regions of India. We have started such similar exercise in Baroda and have proved to be very useful. The first batch of 15 welders is already placed. So we want to have an association with AWPM for these activities and train maximum welders, which is high on demand by various industries,” Deepak added.

IIW-India organizes National Welding Meet (NWM) and National Welding Seminar (NWS) every year, also International Congress (IC) and Annual Assembly of the International Institute of Welding. IIW-India also organizes Weld India Exhibition concurrently with the above Seminar / Congress etc., where manufacturers of welding products from India and abroad participates, so that the new technologies are visible and available to the manufacturing and fabrication industries.

AWPM agrees to support the Exhibition and other programmes of IIW – India through sponsorships and other financial assistance, to provide Best Presented Papers, by providing internship/factory visits to student members, which will promote addition of Students’ Chapter and increase membership, etc.

Mr. Pankaj Jain, Hon. Chairman, Association of Welding Products Manufacturers comments, “This MoU is indeed an iconic moment for the entire welding industry. The Welding segment is not given due importance and recognition, despite welding being the most important activity into the successful completion of any projects like Statue of Unity, etc. No industry can move ahead without welding.”

Mr. Pankaj further says, “Infact even the welding standards that are followed in India are from other countries like Europe, US, Germany, Japan, etc. So it is high time that now India should also look forward at developing its own standards. Even in terms of the development of Infrastructure, there will be a scarcity of welding engineers and welders, thus IIW-India and AWPM plays an important role of creating awareness on the importance of opting welding as a career. We look forward to make welding career most passionate and interesting. We want to work together for the upliftment of welding industry.”

IIW-INDIA and AWPM may also jointly work for creation of innovative metal structures from scrap, i.e., Welded Art & Sculptures, and can have national level competition for such events.

Mr. Acharya added, “Our major focus will be towards young engineers, innovation, creating awareness on Welding as a subject, welding skill development, etc. We are also in plans to organise welding competitions to create a sculpture from the scrap or waste metal, which will then be displayed at various cities.”

Further, IIW-India agrees to support AWPM for its seminars or webinars by providing expert suggestions and arranging papers / speakers. Wherever possible IIW-India will provide their support to AWPM during their representations to government and its allied bodies as applicable.

“Across the globe, industry and institute work together to innovate technologies and work towards awareness and knowledge sharing. AWPM and IIW-India aim to do the same where the manufacturers can help with their expertise and knowhow and the institute can help spread the knowledge to the youth and end users,” quotes Mr. Nimesh Chinoy, Secretary, AWPM.

“It is a great moment to find IIW-India and AWPM coming together. The welding industry will soon find itself going through a big change wherein the welder will be on high demand. I think that both the organisation will work together greatly for the betterment of the industry. Even the safety in welding is a big concern and IIW – AWPM will work on this aspect also. I wish a big success to both the organisation,” Mr. Aditya Malkani, Director, Ador Group comments.

 Mr. Rituraj BoseSecretary GeneralThe Indian Institute of Welding states, “A moment of fusion took place on 10th of December 2021, when both IIW-India and AWPM signed a MoU for mutual cooperation in sharing the knowledge and expertise in welding and related activities. Though most of the members associated with AWPM are either Industrial Corporate Member or individual Members of IIW-India, and engaged with the activities of the Institute for a long period of time, but this MoU will help and enhance the activities of both these associations with benefits and success in the Indian welding fraternity.”


About The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India)

The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) was incorporated on the 22nd April, 1966 at Calcutta to foster the development of welding science, technology and engineering in India and since then has been serving the cause of the welding industry through its 13 branches throughout India. The institute is a non-profit making organisation registered under Section 25 of the Company’s Act 1956 and is also registered under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961, as an Institution for charitable purpose. Through its various activities and programmes, IIW-India is now recognised as the premier Institute related to welding in the country with over 4500 Individual and Corporate Members. Further, as a member society of the International Institute of Welding, it is helping to project the importance and achievements of the Indian Welding Industry to the global community.

 About Association of Welding Products Manufacturers (AWPM)

AWPM is the national level Association of Welding Products Manufacturers in India. It was established during Year 2005, at the initiatives of some of the leading manufacturers of welding products in India. The association was registered on 8th February 2005 with the Registrar, Greater Bombay Region, Maharashtra Government. The AWPM was basically established to bring all the manufacturers of welding products together, set their objectives and aims, take up various issues regarding overall business of Welding Products in India, as and when required, with CII & Government of India, and initiate all the actions required for the growth of Indian Welding Industry to match with international level, technologically and commercially. AWPM has 22 members spread across India as on date.

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