CHAMPMIG 400 is an Inverter based Welding Power Source intended for use in GMAW welding application. It has constant voltage characteristics which is suitable for MIG welding applications. Set output parameters is constant against input supply variations of +15 % and -10 %. CHAMPMIG 400 is also available with inbuilt ELCB/ RCCB which protects from earth leakages.

The complete system consists of power source, gas cooled MIG torch, wire feeder with interconnecting cable & control cable between wire feeder & power source. CO2 or mixture of Argon and CO2 gas is used for shielding weld metal against atmosphere.

CHAMPMIG 400 operates over the range of 50A- 400A with duty cycle of 60% and efficiency above 87%

It has digital panel for adjusting the welding parameters. It is available with adjustable Crater current control & adjustable voltage control with Crater ON/ OFF, 2T/4T, Creep/ Normal feed, Gas check & Gas selection on front panel. 7 Segment LED display for displaying set voltage & wire feed speed at no load while welding for displaying actual current & voltage. It is featured to provide the fresh tip transfer to avoid globule formation. Dynamic inductance adjustment for better arc control is also available on front panel.

Auto Resettable Protections are provided to protect Machine and Wire Feeder from Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Over Heating, No Current Detection, Motor Overloading and improper interconnection in between Power Source and Wire Feeder

CHAMPMIG 400 can operate continuously at welding current up to 250-310A and suitable for continuous welding with 1.2mm wire of MS, SS, Aluminum and Flux core wires. It is suitable for Sheet metal welding, mostly it is used in the Automotive Industries and Steel Structure Industries.