CHAMP T400 is an Inverter based Welding Power Source intended for use in Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). It can also be used for Gas-shielded Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) along with external H.F.TIG control unit. It is mainly suitable for long distance welding & cellulosic electrodes.

It has constant current characteristics. Set output current is constant against input supply variations of +15 % and -10 %. Champ T400 is also available with inbuilt ELCB/ RCCB which protects from earth leakages.

Champ T400 operates over the range of 10A- 400A with duty cycle of 60% and efficiency above 85%

It is available with adjustable welding current control & adjustable Arc Force control with MMA/ TIG mode selection. Arc force function is available in MMA mode only to adjust up to 80A more current than set current. Smooth and stable arc welding is possible with cellulosic electrode (6010) with minimum spatter in CELLULOSIC mode. Remote Control Socket is also provided to connect Remote Control Unit to set Welding Current remotely (optional). Panel/Remote selection switch is used to select source of set welding current. 4-digit Digital Front Panel Meter is provided which shows set and actual value of current Champ T400 is also available with inbuilt VRD & DUAL display with arc ON timer (optional)

  • In case of machine with VRD option, if machine is kept ON in ideal condition in MMA mode, OCV will become 11-12V after 3 minutes approx. till the next arc strike.
  • In case of machine with option of dual display with arc ON time, additional 3-digit digital panel meter is used to display actual voltage. Also arc on time can be displayed & reset with the help of time & reset key.

Power source is protected against single phasing, under voltage, over voltage, short circuit, and temperature rise. Anti-stick protection is provided at time of welding

CHAMP T400 is suitable for all kind of electrodes used for fabrication work, Pipe Welding and Site Construction. It is also capable for welding with 100-meter welding & 100-meter return cable. For MMA welding mode, up to 6.3mm electrodes can be used with continuous welding.

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