Monil D. Shah, Director, Jayesh Group


“We are a One-Stop-Shop for Welding Industry offering all types of Ferro Alloy Powders, Metal Powders, Minerals, Chemicals and Steel Strips.”

Monil D. Shah,
Director, Jayesh Group

  1. Established in 1967, JAYESH TM is engaged in Manufacturing, Trading, Imports & Exports of Ferro Alloys, Metals, Minerals, Chemicals and Steel Strips. How has been your journey so far?

We started our Journey in a very small micro way 55 Years back. The Organization since then had great dreams for achieving Customer Loyalty and Customer Confidence with seal of Trust. We are proud to say that we have been successful in adding value to our Business and achieving greater and greater Customer Satisfaction Year on Year. We have been able to achieve CXM Score of > 93 % this Year .

  1. What type of products the company offers, especially to the welding industry?

We are a One-Stop-Shop for Welding Industry offering all types of Ferro Alloy Powders, Metal Powders, Minerals, Chemicals and Steel Strips. We offer material as per customers Chemical Composition & Sieve Size. We are specialist in Application Engineering of products we produce.

  1. Any new launches?

Yes, JAYESH TM is in pursuit of excellence and periodically from our Research and Innovative Work we have been able to launch New Products and Solutions for our Customers and partners in Business. Examples – Developed Metal powders – Ni, Cr, Mn & Mo for various critical Metallurgical Applications.

  1. Which are your targeted sectors?

Our Existing Business Arena is focused on Welding Industry, Powder Metallurgy Industry & various other Metallurgical Applications who in turn cater to various critical sectors to include Steel Plants, Power Plants, Aeronautics, Submarine, Atomic Energy, oil and gas sector etc. We are considered as the most reliable supplier within the Welding Industry and we are poised to become The Most Preferred Global Supplier by 2025.

  1. How has been the welding market for JAYESH in India? Is it on par with the international markets? Any expectations from the government?

The welding Market for JAYESH has been fabulous in our Business. With emphasis on Infra Growth Target by Government, we see increasing demands in Welding Market Industries in next 5 Years and beyond. Government is already supporting all Infra Projects which indirectly will mark our growth lines.

  1. What is your say on the current Ferro Alloys market of India?

India is one of Top Asian Ferro Alloy producing Country. India in terms of Steel Plants also secure No 2 position in the world ( ). Our view is that Indian Economy is poised for extra-ordinary growth, with strength in our mining resources and growing opportunities in renewables, India is ready to serve the Global market. Our view is also that all Businesses that apply Innovation, Creativity and Research and have the execution power can manifest maximum ROI in this decade.

  1. Do you also hold your presence in the internationally? Elaborate.

Of course Yes. JAYESH TM is currently exporting to over 38+ Countries on a regular basis. We are proud to say that most of our foreign Customers places high regard for our Commitments in Supply Chain, Consistence in Quality, batch after batch and summarily the value we have been delivering to them . We are also A Govt. of India Recognized One Star Export House and recipient of EEPC India Awards for Export Excellence for 9 consecutive years.

  1. Can you brief us on your manufacturing and R&D facility?

Our Plant is located at the foothills of Sahayadri Mountain, at Khopoli with a geographical spread of 5 acres of Land and ample Electricity and water. We have employed over 150 skilled workforce and the plant is engaged with round the clock production. Our supply Chain wing is very efficient and we are equipped with Intelligent SCM Solutions in our Business. Every batch of product that is produced goes through stringent quality checks from raw material to finished goods stage. Research is very prevalent in all our work – be this in marketing, quality or assessment of precise customer requirements. Because of this strength, the performance from JAYESH TM Products can be easily 10% above the Next Best Alternatives in the market.

  1. What is the company’s efforts towards offering quality products to its customers?

We emphasize the most in maintaining and improving our quality milestones year on year. This has put us on the track of success. Majority of our customers endorse us to be the best solution provider in the Country and also in the world.  We can see that the customers buying from us have a preference for repeating their buying process from JAYESH TM. As a top producer, we are engaged in collecting customer feedback every month on our performance and we are happy (but not satisfied) to see that we have been achieving customer satisfactory survey of average 90% almost every time 

  1. What kind of challenges do you come across? How do you manage to cope up with the same?

Like in every Industry, we also have our own challenges. Due to international situations you all know reaching material on-time to foreign Customers has been a great challenge due to uncertainty in shipping Time. We cope up with this by arranging before-time production and we follow JIT (Just in Time) approach in our business execution. The other challenge we face is the currency fluctuation on which we have no control.

  1. What is your say on safety at work? How to you consider the same when at work?

We regard safety as our topmost priority in workplace. EHS is the culture we are practicing and preaching in our plants and offices. We have safety-talk every week in the Plant and all our workforce are encouraged to respect Health and Safety at workplace.

  1. What are your future plans?

Our future Plans are to secure the most preferred Global Supplier in our Business by Year 2025, this will be possible by both organic and inorganic growth. We will also develop more domestic & overseas customers and add to our portfolio.

  1. Closing message.

We are thankful to WeldFab Tech Times for giving us the platform to share our dream and passion. We are relentlessly working to convert our dream into reality. All readers of WeldFab Tech are invited to visit our website which has very informative communication channel.