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CLOOS INDIA WELDING TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD. is a division of Carl CLOOS Schweisstechnik GmbH (Haiger, Germany). Founded in 1919, CLOOS is one of the pioneers of modern welding technology and are still today one of the international market leaders. With a large range of proven and innovative welding processes, CLOOS offers solutions for the future providing maximum efficiency and productivity with regard to automated and manual welding.

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CLOOS: Your brand for innovative welding technology!

We are constantly raising our bar by pushing ourselves to provide innovative welding processes and solutions that will contribute to the long-term commercial success of your company. Our process competence is at the forefront in welding and cutting of various ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We offer our customers individual solutions which are optimised and adapted specifically to your product and production requirements.

“Additive Welding with CLOOS MoTion Weld”

MoTion Control and Vari Weld is a controlled short arc with reversing wire drive unit. MoTion vari weld also provide additional heat into the process by using a hybrid welding process between short circuits. It is a combination of a classic Control weld process in the short arc range and a mechanical system which draws the wire back and forward at a high frequency. Thus short circuits can be interrupted cleaner and with less energy than in the case of short arcs without reversible wire electrode. Due to the low heat input into the workpiece  and the minimised spatter formation at high welding speeds the stable process is particularly suitable for thin plate applications.

Benefits of MoTion Weld :-                          

  • Considerably reduced heat input
  • Considerably reduced spatter formation
  • Very stable process
  • Controllable heat input


  • Thin to very thin plate thicknesses
  • Components with varying gaps and tolerances
  • Deep drawn components
  • Components with flange welds
  • Components with overlap welds
  • Coated materials
  • Mixed joining of aluminium and steel
  • Special materials (Usibor)
  • Brazing
  • Special requirements to weld surface and appearance
  • Energy-controlled components


  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Chrome-nickel materials

MoTion Welding Process:-

In case of manufacturing thin 3D components, a low energy welding process is needed. Standard processes can be unstable at the low level of welding energy required, and spatter formation may be a problem. In this study, an advanced waveform controlled short arc welding process with low heat input and very stable arc was investigated and chosen. Special feature of this process is the bidirectional wire motion during welding for a better drop separation, almost no formation of spatter and a more stable arc. In each cycle, one drop separation occurs. The wire electrode is fed forward until the voltage almost reaches the value 0 (short circuit). At this moment, the drop passes into the weld pool. The short circuit acts as a trigger to move the wire backwards in a defined way. The droplet is detached cleanly ,which results in significantly fewer weld spatters. The wire is fed back further until a certain (set) arc lengthis reached and the cycle is repeated. This is realized by a special powerful motor “MoTion Drive,” near the welding torch which provides the small high-frequency movements of the wire. As a result, the arc-on-time and the thermal energy can be reduced to a minimum. The “MoTion Control Unit” serves as a wire buffer, from which the motor can pull and push the wire as needed. A “CLOOS Qineo NexT”was used as welding power source.

WAAM-Wire arc additive Manufacturing-

“Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)” has now been recognized as a relatively rapid, cost-effective alternative for generating metal components. High deposition rates and lower investment and operating costs compared with powder-based additive manufacturing processes are of particular interest for the production of large volume Components. The use of WAAM has been facilitated by the development of energy-reduced digitally controlled short arc processes and the simplified use of industrial robots for torch movement. Additive manufacturing often means generating of complete components by adding layer by layer.


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