Extraordinary improvement in service life due to Girth Gear Crack Repair with X’tralife treatment

Salient features of X’tralife treatment:

·       Repair welding of the Gear having almost 36 cracks which contributes plethora of cost savings since the repair welding would cost only 15 to 20 % of the cost of Girth gear.

·       Challenge was in the reclamation of the crack is avoiding distortion and maintaining the teeth profile, which was achieved by the special techniques used and the low heat input nature of the alloys selected. The alloy with excellent elongation adapts easily to the thermal expansion difference and stresses.

·       This addresses the concern of top management about reclamation of key spares rather than buying new. This approach is economical and technically superior for the society.

·       The solution in terms of repair and reclamation aware society to adapt better metallurgical upgrades and innovative processes to improve the availability of the plant and machinery.

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