Mr. Shailesh Mehta, Founder, Director, Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd


“Over years, quality of product and quick service support are always in our ethos.”

Mr. Shailesh Mehta,
Founder, Director,
Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd

Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd. Is 30 years old company & pioneer in CO2 Laser, Fiber Laser, CNC Router & Digital Printing Technology.  How has been the journey so far?

As you said and know Mehta Cad Cam is a more than three decades’ young company (I won’t say old as we are still young and growing) leading industry in all the three segments of fiber laser, CNC and digital printers.

Our team at Mehta is always excited to work on new technology understanding the need of different segments of market and developing machines to ease their life.

This whole journey of understanding customers needs to developing machines to satisfy their needs and seeing the happy faces of satisfied customers is always encouraging and motivating us to grow more and more.

Could you brief us on your products range?

I feel proud to say this that we are India’s only company having this diverse range of products. The company’s flagship product lines comprise:

  • Fiber laser metal cutting machines ranging from 1kw to 12kW,
  • Fiber laser welding machines 1kW, 1.5kW and soon be launching 2kW model
  • Robotics solutions for fiber laser cutting, fiber laser welding and MIG welding
  • CO2 Laser engraving and cutting machines,
  • Online and offline marking machines (Co2 and fiber laser)
  • Flatbed cutting plotters,
  • Channel letter bending machine,
  • Channel materials,
  • Digital solvent & eco-solvent printers,
  • Digital UV Flat bed & Roll-to-Roll printers

Which are your targeted sectors? How has been the response so far?

Engineering industry, automobile industry, fabrication, job work, FMCG, Fnb, you name the industry and we have an application for that specific industry.

Over years, quality of product and quick service support are always in our ethos. We have four state of art manufacturing facilities, strong team of technical personnel, and a powerful service network of 22 branch offices across India; all these things support our mission of quality product and quick service support.

We have a large chunk of orders received from our existing customers, which is an achievement as a company. I can say we have so far receive great response from different industries.

Who are your major clients for all your products?

We have a huge customer base for all our products which we cannot share here, but as for welding if I have to say I can say IIT Indore, IIT Goa, Government College of Engineering Bodinayakanur,

National Innovation Foundation Gandhinagar are some of our major clients.

What are the types of projects, wherein Mehta Cad has supplied its laser welding products to? Please elaborate.

Welding is not at all a new concept, but shifting from the traditional welding process of MIG, TIG, etc. to fiber laser welding technology is the game. Mehta Cad Cam doesn’t deal in traditional welding technologies and only deals in fiber laser welding technology so each application come in is like a project and there are so many such projects where we made fiber laser most successful. Welding aluminium, welding through 3 axis- 4 axis machines, welding through robotics solutions in various industries to institutes and different R&D centers are some of the projects.

How has been the market response for Mehta Cad’s laser welding products? Any expansion plans?

Our hand held fiber laser welding system is getting a good response from the market, because of its advantages like easy to operate, no health hazards, increased productivity, etc. which most of us are well aware.

Moreover, we at Mehta Cad Cam always do counseling with our clients and after thorough understanding of their needs and requirements we provide them product best suitable. This ensure delivery of right product to every customer every time minimizing the risk of failure.

As for expansion plan, yes we are constantly working to expand our production capacity and moving towards our goal of MASS PRODUCTION. Even we have recently collaborated with a Taiwanese company to provide high speed, high accuracy complete robotic cutting and welding solutions.

Do you also supply your products in the international market? Which are your targeted countries?

Yes, right now Mehta is not only leading in domestic market but over the years have made its strong presence visible in industries outside India. Right now we are mainly focusing on South American countries, African countries and Gulf countries.

What is your view on the current laser welding market scenario in India? Is it on par with the international market?

No, Indian market is nowhere at par with international market. Major industries in India are still using traditional or conventional welding processes.

Lack of knowledge about advanced technology, automations and even the myth of complications in automations and investments are the major factors making India way behind the International markets. Especially, European and American countries are way ahead then India.

But despite these, good news is that we are a young country, with a major population of youth who are keen on adopting change, newer and better technology. Entering of these younger generation into business have made industries started accepting newer solutions for increased productivity and I am sure we will soon be reaching at par with international market.

What are your expectations from the Government for up gradation of the welding industry in India?

Government helping welding industry…I am really not sure how government can help industries for upgradation in welding industry.

Maybe to encourage automation in industries if government could announce some sort of capital subsidies on the initial investment for the upgradation ofmachines for automation might help.

Availability of skilled manpower is one of the major challenges, especially in the welding industry. Your say.

No, I didn’t remember availability of skilled manpower was ever an issue with Mehta. Even for those who were facing this issue, the introduction of fiber laser welding machines will solve it. Fiber laser welding technology does not require operator to have special skills for operating machines.

What are the major challenges you come across and how do you manage to cope up with the same?

We don’t think there are any major challenges we came across. Some might think that people’s ignorance about availability of better technology is a challenge but we at Mehta believe that educating people and creating awareness about newer and better technology is our duty. We just keep on working on this concept and yes we are seeing results.

The welding industry is largely encouraging the women in welding. Share your views.

In India welding is still a male dominating industry. As technology is advancing, operating welding machine does not require strong physical strength. Fiber laser welding machine is very easy to operate as compared to conventional welding technologies like MIG, TIG or ARC welding broadening window of opportunity for women welders across industries.

Even with fiber laser welding technology extraction of hazardous gas is completely eliminated totally removing the health hazards making it more safe for women welders to develop their career in this field.

What are your future plans?

As stated earlier we at Mehta Cad Cam are always excited to develop new technology, improving existing technology to ease life of people in industry. During past few years we have invested huge amount in R&D to develop machines specifically catering to the special need of particular industries.

In brief I can say, we are working on the principle of understanding market need and developing machines accordingly.

Closing message.

India is one of the fastest growing country in the world and the next ten years are going to be the most important years for businesspersons like us.

We are emerging as a manufacturing hub of the world, those who are able to adopt automation and mass production will capture this opportunity and will lead.