FIXTO Modular Welding Table


FIXTO is the most affordable modular welding table in the market. The amount of time and money you’ll save in reduced fixturing time, and improved repeatability makes FIXTO a sensible and wise investment.

The innovative plate, slot, and hole systems of the FIXTO Table provides multiple clamping surfaces, channels, and points so whether you’re building a dedicated fixture, short run fixture, or one-time use fixtures, the FIXTO adapts to your work needs.

The FIXTO Table is modular, so you can adapt the Table, right in your shop, without ordering an expensive custom designed table. The FIXTO plates can be removed, and reconfigured to the desired size and form.

You work for your customers, we work for YOU. Our design team works continuously and tirelessly to develop new tools to help you fixture more efficiently so you can get the best value and performance from your FIXTO Table and Clamps.