New high performing filters for FilterCart and Filterbox


Nederman has successfully introduced nanofiber filter media to several stationary products and now the time has come for the company to update its range of mobile fume and dust extractors.
During 1st January 2021, Nederman introduced Nanofiber and ePTFE filter options for the FilterBox product range. Both will be top-of-the-line products performing significantly better than today’s polyester filter media, especially in more demanding applications. The company will also optimize and add a nanofiber layer to the filter in FilterCart.
Fume extraction is more than just a product. It’s a clean air solution, backed by technical expertise and powered by technology that meet unique operational needs while protecting people, production and the planet.

Benefits with the new filter media options Nanofiber and ePTFE
Both Nanofiber and ePTFE media technology offer significant performance advantages:

  • Higher efficiency which means cleaner air and healthier work environment.
  • Surface loading properties which results in more effective filter cleaning and longer cleaning intervals increasing productivity.
  • Higher dust holding capacity which maintains higher airflow and improved capture for extended periods of time.

The increased performance leads to extended filter life and lower cost of ownership. Whereas nanofiber technology offers the best customer value for frequent welding applications, ePTFE is a great option when higher efficiency is desired. Thanks to the ePTFE ‘s ability to being mechanically cleaned, it is ideal for demanding dust applications like sticky or hygroscopic non-combustible dust. For any of these cases, the new ePTFE filter is now available at a significantly lower cost than the previous PTFE cartridges.

Changes to the FilterCart product range – Introducing the FilterCart+
FilterCart will now become FilterCart+. The updated versions FilterCart+ and FilterCart+ W3* are supplied with a disposable 30 m2 nanofiber filter. Although the area has been slightly reduced there is more useable filter area resulting from optimized pleat geometry.

  • Recommended for light duty or medium duty intermittent use such as maintenance and repair welding or light dust applications where 1000 m3 per hour or less is required.
  • Dust holding capacity is increased with up to 30% – resulting in longer filter life.
  • Significantly higher efficiency, now F9 (EN779) and MERV 14 (ASHRAE 52.2) – means cleaner air and healthier work environment (previous filters were M6 and MERV 11).

Changes to the FilterBox product range – Introducing A+ and A++versions
New products with Nanofiber filter:

FilterBox 10A+
FilterBox 12A+
FilterBox Twin A+
FilterBox Wall A+
The new A+ models are ideal for welding and delivered with a large 17 m2, nanofiber filter with automatic, pneumatic cleaning.

  • Recommended for frequent welding applications or when higher efficiency is desired e.g. in stainless steel or high alloy welding (additional HEPA filter may be needed).
  • Flame retardant, nanofiber coated cellulose/polyester blend filter.
  • High filter efficiency F9 (EN779) and MERV 15 (ASHRAE 52.2). W3 approved.
  • Up to 10 x longer time between cleaning thanks to surface loading properties.

New products with ePTFE filter:
FilterBox 10A++
FilterBox 12A++
The old FilterBox eQ range gets a new name and is now updated to be delivered with the new 13 m2 ePTFE membrane high efficiency filter. This also means new article numbers.

  • Recommended for demanding dust applications like sticky or hygroscopic dust, when highest possible efficiency is desired or when there is a customer preference for PTFE.
    • Can be both mechanically and pneumatically cleaned
  • Filter efficiency E11 (EN1822) and MERV 16 (ASHRAE 52.2). W3 approved.
  • Up to 7 x longer time between cleaning thanks to surface loading properties.
  • Possibility to connect a pneumatic or electric tool to start the fan(like the old eQ).

The new NANO and ePTFE cartridges are backwards compatible so you can get the same performance as our newest products simply by buying a new filter cartridge.

  • All FilterBox models with pneumatic cleaning can be upgraded with the new Nanofiber cartridge 12377251to improve performance and filter life. If the unit does not have pneumatic cleaning it can be retrofitted. Please note that although the filter has a metal mesh, mechanical cleaning needs to be disengaged as instructed in the replacement filter manual
  • All FilterBoxes can be upgraded with the new ePTFE cartridge12377252.As always pneumatic cleaning is required in all welding applications. Can also be mechanically cleaned.
  • All FilterCart models can be upgraded with the new NANO cartridge 12377253, which will also be the new replacement cartridge.