ER1100 is a 99% Aluminum Welding Industry is dominated by filler metal available in spools and cut length for MIG and TIG welding processes. ER1100 is a softer alloy that is commonly used in architectural and decorative applications on furniture and piping, thin gauge materials and foil products. Its softness makes it easy to shape and form giving it an advantage in decorative work and where an attractive weld appearance is critical. Its post anodized color is slightly golden. Typical tensile strength is13.500 psi.

  • MIG / TIG
  • Available in all standard diameters and packaging
  • Nexalloy ER1100 conform to: AWS A5.10

NEXALLOY ER1100 Advantages:

  • Superior wire surface finish ensures trouble free welding
  • Exceptional cleanliness ensures sound weldments

Unique diameter control for consistent feeding, robotic or manual
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