Advanced Plate Processing Systems from TECOI, SPAIN


TECOI is a company dedicated to design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial machines for metal cutting by plasma and oxyfuel, laser, plate processing including Drilling, machining and welding edge preparation.
TECOI primarily has 4 different versions of Plate Processing Centers. THOR is the most versatile plate processing station on the market, combining high-performance thermal and mechanical cutting. It makes it possible to manufacture parts with multiple operations such as milling, drilling, tapping, countersinking, marking, etc. and mechanized or thermal-cut edge finish.
Plasma cutting with one or two heads and beveling system, oxy-fuel with six torches, auxiliary tube and profile lathe and all this with a central XX axis with an useful path of 24” (610 mm.) working on a robust double beam design to carry out machining tasks with a fixed gantry and with the possibility of equipping two machining heads.
TRC is designed for intensive serial productions, keeping maximum accuracy for repetitive tasks and machining. In order to guarantee the highest performance in each process, the two working areas are perfectly defined avoiding interferences between both processes.
Suitable for service centers and structural fabricators that need to perform cutting, beveling, drilling, tapping and marking jobs at a single installation.
TEKNOS is designed for high definition quality requirement cutting, high capacity and large dimensions. Its mechanics are based on the use of mixed guiding systems equipped with rollers and recirculating balls. It is TECOI’s multi-function machine with plasma, beveling, oxyfuel, drilling, marking and pipe cutting as options.
MULTY is a cutting machine specifically designed for large capacity plasma cutting and high quality requirements.
TRF machine is designed for heavy edge preparation jobs for welding and for drilling jobs for applications with high machining capability requirements in medium to large thickness fabrication activities. It is specifically appropriate for industries such as: wind power tower fabrication, civil construction, shipbuilding, large steel structures, large vessels and petrochemical infrastructure.