NMAMIT develops automated band saw blade welding machine



A team of researchers from the ‘Center for System Design, Fabrication and Testing’, and ‘NMAMIT-Fronius Center for Welding Technology’, department of Mechanical Engineering, NMAMIT Nitte developed an ‘Automated Band Saw Welding Machine’ for one of the local timber industries in Karkala.
The machine was developed to help local wood industries to weld the broken band saw blades ‘in-house’ which makes them self-reliant in reworking the broken band saw blades and increase in their productivity.
An MIG welding machine is used to weld the broken band saw blades in the newly developed system. Arduino MEGA controller is used to control the to and fro motion and velocity of the welding torch using a stepper motor controlled motorized linear stage. The MIG welding machine and the motorized stage are switched on and off by a push-button provided at the operator interface. The welding current and the wire speed are also controlled by the controller through a set of knobs provided in the operator interface.