CalderSafe® Mobile


CalderSafe® Mobile is the latest technology available to acquire weld data from the job site without manually downloading directly from the Electrofusion Welder. The weld data is automatically sent to our App on your mobile device by using Bluetooth connectivity.

The information including images of the prepared and clamped Electrofusion fitting is then sent to pre-configured email addresses of your choice. The weld data contains vital information that can be read using the CalderSafe® Weld Data Analyser software from any global location. This provides quality assurance and verification for completed welds before any reinstatement works are carried out reducing risks of failed welds and unnecessary reworks.
The CalderSafe® Mobile App has been designed to redirect all weld data to pre-configured emails through Caldervale Technology’s dedicated server and is available as a free download from Google Play. Information is not stored or seen by any other person other than the recipients of email addresses.
Weld Data Features

  • GPS location of fused fittings
  • Send weld data to 4 email addresses
  • Up to 4 images can be taken allowing all angles of the joint to be viewed
  • Provides 124 point graph of the weld
  • Print individual / Summary of weld records

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