Messe held webinar in April 2020


Messe held webinar in April 2020
Messe Muenchen India Pvt. Ltd., a leading trade show company organised a webinar held on “Challenges and opportunities for Laser applications in diverse industry segments post COVID-19” on 24th April 2020.
Approx 606 participants joined the webinar, of which 565 were from India. The participant were from various countries like USA, China , Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, S. Korea, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

  • Lalit Kumar – President, Laser Industry Association of India and founder / CEO of Laser Science
  • Debabrata Goswami, Professor, IIT Kanpur sharing his academic perspective.
  • Maulik Patel – Executive Director of Sahajanand Group, one of the leading Laser systems manufacturer in the country.
  • Sudhir Gurtoo – Managing Director, Leadec India, who gave an Automotive Manufacturer’s perspective.
  • Umakant Rapol, Associate Professor from Department of Physics, IISER Pune.
  • Goshal Shah – Director, Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd., another prominent Laser Systems manufacturer.


  • Lalit Mohan Kukreja, a Scientist and Educationist. Served 40+ years at Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India and Founder-President of Epi-knowledge Foundation.

The session began with an introduction from Tanmay Pol from MM India. As the moderator, Dr. Kukreja set the tone by making an overview remark of the current situation under the Covid-19 lockdown. He then began discussions by asking panelists questions based on their topic of expertise. During the webinar, audience poll question was also conducted.
The discussion provided deep insight into the following topics:

  • Impact of Covid-19 on Laser & Photonics industry in India
  • Expectations from the government to boost the Laser industry from an Association (Laser Industry Association) perspective.
  • How Laser Based imaging and screening applications are going to become more relevant post covid
  • Challenges that will come up due to reduction in research funding while STILL maintaining quality
  • How to make Indian Laser system manufacturers sustainable post Covid-19
  • What manufacturing plants and supply chain issues will be faced by industry post Covid 19
  • How Laser applications will increase in the automotive and allied industries
  • Role of Indian Academics in shaping the future of laser industry
  • How Industry and Academics can collaborate for synergy
  • Emerging opportunities for Laser manufacturers and users post covid-19
  • Would Laser industry in India invest for R&D in national labs to solve their technical Problems?

In conclusion, the webinar opened up the following key learnings;
– there is a high interest level in future prospects in the Laser business from users as well as equipment providers post- COVID
– the market is very aware and trust the LWoP platform
– the market is mainly concerned about the future of the Laser manufacturing community in view of import dependence and potential restrictions post-COVID.