My biggest strength is my work


Nitish Gopinath, Welder
Hi all, myself Nitish Gopinath, a native of Kottayam, Kerala. I completed by studies in Kerala. In the year 2014, I graduated from Fine Arts and successfully completed a degree in this subject. During my tenure in Fine Arts Study, I happen to get a great opportunity to develop the ‘Art of Welding’.
Thereafter, I welded various sculptures using arc welding process, and my work is appreciated by many well known artists. I truely admire the art of an American sculptor – Mr. David.
About my working style, I am an entrepreneur, and always look forward to get opportunities to weld sculptors, as per the clients demand. I have welded some good sculptures during my course period. So far, I have exhibited my work in around three exhibitions in Kerala.
One among the good projects is a 7 feet female sculpture. This project was completed using iron scraps, wood and metals; within a time span of one month.
I look forward to study more in Welding as an Art, and introduce many such good sculptors in future. My biggest strength is my work.