Telwin: The Home of Welding


Telwin: The Home of Welding
Telwin is an important world-leading company in the welding, cutting, charging and starting sectors. Super-specialist knowhow, advanced technology and continuous research for innovative solutions are the values that have always marked the company as a truly reliable partner.
From the manufacturing to the ship building, from the construction sites to the maintenance industries: wherever there is a specific welding need (MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG, PLASMA CUTTING) there is an ideal Telwin’s product to satisfy it.
The almost 60 years acquired know-how guarantees that Telwin’s R&D division creates products that meet a wide range of requests for efficiency and productivity asked from Telwin’s costumers.
Leader in over 120 markets spread among the 5 continents, Telwin’s headquarter is based in Italy, located in “The Home of Welding” an industrial site of over 12 000 sqm with excellent levels of production, R&D and Training.
The “The Home of Welding” hosts the most advanced production systems, specialist operators, robotic lines, R&D laboratories and in-line testing. An organization designed to always guarantee the highest process quality.
Training customers in the knowledge and use of products is a key factor that has made Telwin’s success in the market. Telwin transfers the knowhow developed in the HQ “Training Lab” to customers located around the world. Telwin’s customers are trained and informed by a team of experts both on the technical and commercial features of the equipments.
Telwin has industrial advanced welding solutions that can be used for various type of applications with the best results.
The goal in the design of industrial products was to combine excellent performances with an extreme ease of use of the advanced potentiality of the machines.
Wave OS was created for this reason. The Wave OS is an operating system that simplifies the use of the product making the human-machine interaction immediate and direct. The operator can customize the work environment according to his preferences, create welding programs to meet specific needs or use the multiple advanced preset welding programs. In addition, the color display becomes a simple and intuitive interface for any operating situation. Wave OS is a powerful knowledge system capable of tracking, analyzing and then controlling production processes to meet the demands of competitiveness and productivity in the sign of continuity and quality of work.
The Inverpulse Wave 60.30 and Inverpulse Wave 60.40 are high- tech multiprocess (MIG-MAG/FLUX gas shielded/ BRAZING/MMA/TIG DC-Lift) inverter welding machines with 4 rolls wire feeder fitted to be use both in pulsed (Pulse and PoP – Pulse-On-Pulse: Double pulse) and continuous mode.
Thanks to the WAVE OS system the welding operations are customisable to suit customer-specific requirements; traceable and analysable, by saving data via USB and simplified, thanks to SYNERGIC adjustment of parameters.
Inverpulse Wave range guarantees maximum flexibility in use with a wide range of materials such as steel, stainless steel, high strength steel, galvanized sheets, aluminium and its alloys.
The machine’s adjustment is easy and immediate and in every welding mode the final result is excellent thanks to the various technologies that ensure maximum arc stability for easy, spatter-free welding.
The presence of advanced welding arcs (ROOT-MIG, ATC, DEEP MIG) allows to get the best results no matter the use and the material.
For example, DEEP-MIG provides all the solutions for the welding on thick pieces that the short-arc is unable to match: minimum passes to achieve the desired result.
A 30% faster operating speed with reduced material (wire and gas consumptions), welding in all positions without forsaking quality and easier operations are just some of the advantages. DEEP-MIG has achieved important results, higher productivity with a marked decrease in costs.
Here’s a graphic that shows the comparison between DEEP-MIG and traditional MIG-MAG short arc welding speed.

This is particularly requested in applications where efficiency is a prime target. At B.S.T Spa, one of our customers in Europe, the main concern was to increase the productivity and keep high quality in welding girder flanges. Using the Inverpulse Wave with DEEP-MIG function, the company has reached its goal increasing the productivity of 9% and reducing the quality defect of 56%.
Girder’s Lenght: 12m; Thickness 20 mm
Travel welding speed standard: 350mm/min –> 34 min
Travel welding speed with DEEP-MIG: 400mm/min –> 30 min
+ 10% every 10 girder +1 gained

The concentrated arc and consequent high penetration are special feature of the DEEP-MIG, the result being a decrease in number of passes required whilst guaranteeing the quality of the welding operation.
With DEEP MIG technology, welding is 15% deeper than with traditional MIG-MAG technology.
Thanks to DEEP-MIG this goal has been reached: decreased preparation and coupling times, savings in materials, no re-processing required and an end results free from welding defects.
DEEP-MIG is also used for specific applications like welding pipes and parts subjects to high mechanical stress.
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