Thermal spray applications get a boost in India


Thermal spray applications get a boost in India

Thermal Spray is becoming one of the fasted growing welding and surfacing technologies when it comes to meet the need for prolonging the working life of a critical component or enhancing the mean life before failure for better economics, competitiveness and lower environmental impact in comparison to many other conventional processes.
It provides a shield to the machine components to resist both primary and secondary industrial wear and achieves this with deposition of just a few microns which not only makes the entire process very economical but also saves the machine components from the adverse effects of heat affected zone.
This technology is fast becoming the most potent process to drive cost economics and extensively used in industries as sophisticated as aviation and additive manufacturing and in conventional brick and mortar industries like steel, power, glass, oil & gas, engineering and so many others.
The success of thermal spray processes to a great extent determined by the selection of the right kind of consumables depending on the working environment andbase material, grain size distributions, process used for overlaying and spraying parameters
WeldWell Group, the industry leader in providing advanced and state of the art welding consumables, has collaborated with two market leaders in thermal spray consumables namely SENTES-BIR and Powder Alloys Corporation to bring the world class products locally available to the Indian industry at a market competitive price to bridge the existing gap
SENTES-BIR is a renowned European producer of gas atomized thermal spray powders having its manufacturing facilities located in Izmir, Turkey. Customer orientation, innovations and bespoke products backed by a dynamic and research oriented structure have been trademarks of SENTES-BIR since its foundation more than 30 years back.
SENTES-BIR’s Cobalt and Nickel based powders engineered for different applications, processes and grain size distributions requirements, are used across the industry be it a critical spray on control valves, engine vales, glass moulds, canter etc or a worn out components to get the best out of these critical vital machine parts going under tough wear cycles.
Powders are manufactured following a strict quality control guideline and sieved for different processes such as Plasma Transferred Arc, High Velocity Oxy Fuel, Fuse and Spray, Laser Cladding and Plasma Spray. The particle size distribution differentiates the metal powders from one process to the other. Technical help is available to customers for the right selection of thermal spray powders for their applications and processes.

SENTES-BIR’S thermal spray powders are marketed under the brand name of FORTECOAT.In addition to thermal spray powders, SENTES-BIR also makes metal powder based brazing pastes for brazing of critical parts and powders for additive manufacturing.
The second manufacturer of thermal spray powder with which Weldwell Group has collaborated is Powder Alloys Corporation (PAC) having its manufacturing facility in the state of Ohio, USA.
Powder Alloys Corporation is a versatile manufacturer of metal, ceramic, carbides and super alloys powders. They serve a variety of industries including oil & gas, power, steel, bio-medical, aviation, industrial gas turbine as well as emerging markets such as additive manufacturing.
PAC is a more than 40 years old organization having deep roots in providing hard facing and super alloys thermal spray powders to industry globally to fight industrial wear and enhance the working life of critical machine components. The technology developed by PAC includes inert gas atomization, composite cladding, agglomeration, sintering, plasma densification and hydride/dehydride.
PAC has a large numbers of OEM approvals across the industry including aviation. The array of approvals includes some of the world leaders like GE, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, Siemens, Rolls Royceetc.
The exhaustive list of PAC thermal spray powders includes carbide, zirconia, ceramic, titanium, metals based powders manufactured for a complete range of processes such as High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF),Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA),Laser Cladding, Plasma and Spray/Fuse. Powders are marketed under the brand name of PAC.

Plasma Transfer Arc Process.

High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Process.

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