Laser Welding Device AL-ARM 450 F


The AL-ARM 450 F is very compact but equipped with a powerful 450 W fiber laser. It comes with a hand piece with an integrated wire feed (wire thickness 0.6 mm) with automatic feed, with which homogeneous welding can be carried out. During the welding process, the welding seam width can be adjusted manually. The hand piece is attached to a 3.5 m long energy chain and weighs no more than 1.5 kg. Thus, it is very easy to handle and flexible to use.
The AL-ARM welding system is completed by a 3D visualization. This is realized by means of (pass-through) 3D laser protection goggles, which show the surrounding and the welding task simultaneously. The welding area is enlarged and the process-relevant data, e.g. the crosshair, is superimposed.
Laser safety is of great importance: The integrated material recognition allows the welding process only when the hand piece is placed on the workpiece. This avoids direct laser radiation being emitted uncontrolled. The built-in laser safety circuit is approved by TÜV Süd.
By using the laser system AL-ARM, laser welding of pores, ripples and offset seams can be carried out in a mobile, fast and extremely flexible manner.

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