Kemppi Solution Centre Delhi and Kolkata – Inauguration


Kemppi is a pioneer in welding industry with several services. We believe that everything that can be connected will be connected. Our solutions will definitely make you win the business. A strong base built on the hard work and loyalty of over   800 welding experts across 60 countries, we have our headquarters in Lahti, Finland.
We offer solutions to you in different areas of welding–be it equipment, welding management software or other expert services Kemppi is there. Both demanding industrial applications and ready-to-weld needs can be met using our services. The long list of our customers from different arena like those in automotive, construction, oil and gas, shipbuilding, transportation and machine manufacturing industries is a proof of our commitment towards work.
In November, Kemppi India opened two new solution centres in Delhi and Kolkata- a growing phase of ours. To encourage women welders, following the inaugural ceremony women welding competition Season 2 was held at the two centres. Women Welders from different industries participated in the competition and this made the inaugural ceremony more colourful and dynamic.
The new centres provide complete and innovative solutions and services to the integrators and end customers. Kemppi’s experienced welding engineers help the customers to optimize their welding applications, and offer comprehensive training covering all aspects of welding. The centres are equipped with the state-of-the-art machines and will be a one stop solution for all the welding needs.
The Kemppi Solution Center, Delhi is located in DonBosco near Sukhdev Vihar, Okhla and it was inaugurated on 08-November-2019. The solution center is equipped with advanced Kemppi machines and it will be a complete solution for all your welding needs. The solution center is equipped with FastMig series machines, new MasterTig machine along with other Kemppi machines. The inaugural ceremony was attended by many industrial experts and representatives from many other organizations.
The Kemppi Solution center Kolkata is located in the industrial area of Jagadishpur. This solution center will be the fourth center for Kemppi India Pvt Ltd. This solution center is equipped with all the modern machines from Kemppi. Kemppi India is treading its journey toward the successful tenth year and we have many more technological marvels coming up for the upcoming years. Kemppi India has always focused in providing practicable solutions for welding needs and we always support welders by helping to adapt to new technologies. Kemppi India is always primed to support welders to reskill and upskill their capabilities and to get industry ready for upcoming technologies.