Sirfull Technology raises 2 Million Euros

After acquiring the company 2iO in July 2018, and in order to continue its development, the company announces: “the success of its fundraising realized with Wille Finance AG, Demeter, and SCR Alsace Creation; its historical investor.
Thanks to this contribution, SiRFULL technology will accelerate its development in France and will launch its activity in Germany and in Europe. SiRFULL technology offers a simple and intelligent asset management platform for process industries and opens the door to predictive maintenance.
The digital tools designed by SiRFULL technology now equip more than 100 industrial sites in France with 70 customers such as GRT Gaz, Framatome, Solvay, Emerson, Storengy.
This new step confirms the strength of SiRFULL technology model, the relevance of its strategic vision and investors confidence in its growth potential.
Jean Claude LAMBOLEZCEO and Founder of SiRFULL Technology declares:
“The goal of this operation is simple: invest in order to provide our customers who trust us every day with innovative and qualitative services and strengthen the confidence of those who join us every month. We will continue to invest in innovation including semantic analysis or AI to allow our customers a strong ROI in the management of their maintenance operations.”
Guillaume LaffineurInvestment Director at Demeter adds: 
“We have known  SiRFULL and its CEO for many years. We followed the product developments, the adaptation of the offer as well as structuring team. The solutions are now mature and meet the growing expectations of manufacturers who want to digitize their factories and move from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. This phenomenon is not a fashion trend but a strong movement that reveals a clear opportunity to gain competitiveness and responsiveness. Jean-Claude Lambolez, President of the company, is an agile and attentive entrepreneur who has surrounded himself with a dynamic team. The EGF managed by Demeter has joined the capital of the company in order to accompany its new phase of deployment.”
Mathieu MorandInvestment Manager at Wille Finance:
“Fascinated by SiRFULL’s niche expertise in industrial maintenance, we are now delighted to support SiRFULL’s international ambitions. We are convinced of the urgent need of process industries, and we anticipate a mass adoption of SiRFULL suite in order to simplifying and automating inspection and maintenance campaigns. The user feedback is excellent and has proven that the product and the top-notif customer support can be deployed to many use cases.”
Eric Plantier, Manager of Blueprint Partners, SiRFULL advisor in this fund-raising transaction:
“SiRFULL evolves at the heart of industry digitization (industry 4.0), one of the major trends of this end of decade. The strength of SiRFULL is its comprehensive offering to collect and analyze data across the entire value chain, from equipment design to use and maintenance, capital input and cash inflow that are familiar with the field. The industry will allow SiRFULL to pass a stage in its development, to increase its notoriety and its presence internationally.”