Flash butt welding plant inaugurated at New Bongaigaon



A flash butt welding plant was inaugurated at New Bongaigaon by NK Prasad, General Manager of N.F.Railway, Maligaon. The plant has been constructed to convert free rails into long panels in order to achieve good quality of rail joints in the stationary plant which is being set up at New Bongaigaon yard. This plant has adequate infrastructure facilities with modern mechanized loading/unloading of rail using motorized gantries. The plant has also facilitate welding 10/20 rail panels with stacking area of 15000 MT. single rails at a time and 22000 MT. of 20 rail panels could be stacked and dispatch to different construction projects of N.F.Railway/Construction and Open line as well as other neighbouring zonal railways on their demands. The plant has been constructed in record time during the financial year 2018-19. The construction work of the plant was started on July 14,2018 and completed at a cost of Rs.44 crores.