OCTOPUZ Inc. releases OCTOPUZ 2.0.3


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OCTOPUZ 2.0.3, released dated August 14th 2018, continues to build-off of the OCTOPUZ 2.0 theme. The improvements and enhancements included in this release are focused on the robot back-up capabilities and the overall user experience.
The import of Fanuc, OTC, and Universal Robots back-ups have been improved now with the ability to import additional information from the controller into OCTOPUZ 2.0.3. Users can now import FANUC controller back-ups with multiple robots and a single controller allowing the users to more easily create programs and configure cells in OCTOPUZ 2.0.3. New to OCTOPUZ, users can now import Universal Robots and OTC back-ups to bring in robot parameters and improve the accuracy in offline programming.
Furthermore, users who have upgraded their Mastercam package to Mastercam 2019 can now easily import their CAM paths into OCTOPUZ to leverage the newly introduced features in toolpath creation.
In addition to these main features there were other improvements made to the OCTOPUZ software including:

  • Calculation of external values with default settings
  • Identification of post capable robots
  • Storing of previous external variables
  • Half Plane Visualization
  • AutoSave

If you are a current OCTOPUZ maintenance customer, your OCTOPUZ license will automatically update and you will be able to employ the latest enhancements right away.
If you would like to learn more about OCTOPUZ Offline Robotic Programming and Simulation Software contact us to set up a free demo customized to your applications and programming needs.

  • Autonomous, intelligent, intuitive weld creation
  • Path creation and modification are possible with just a few clicks
  • Import and use a CAD model for weld creation
  • Implement a variety of welding strategies such as multi-layer, stitch, weave, seam tracking, touch sensing, and more
  • Can utilize multiple touches per path or global touch correction (6-dimensional)
  • Parametric and reusable weld creation
  • Fully simulated touch-sensing, multi-layer, stitching, and weave
  • Automatically finds the start and end of welds
  • Automatic torch flare into corners
  • Can simultaneously calculate up to three external linear axes
  • External rotary axes can be automatically calculated based on user-selected wire orientation

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