Nitty Gritty Stainless Steel Weld Cleaners



Mehta Sanghvi & Company offers a wide range of weld cleaners.


  • A rising concern on health and safety has made stainless steel fabricators look for alternative stainless steel weld cleaners to make the aggressive pickling paste a thing of the past.
  • Electrochemical/electrolytic weld cleaning Clinox machines are the latest trend in weld cleaning process with assurance of a safer, quicker and better alternative to pickling paste.
  • Its features include: inverter technology; patent blow/suction system; automatic pump for dosing the liquid; saves water; environment friendly weld cleaning methods; polishing; neutralisation/passivation; marking/engraving and matte finish.
  • The product advantages offered are inverter technology provides increased productivity, improved quality and energy efficiency.
  • Operator’s safety: Blows away or sucks the fumes during the operation and protects the operator from breathing fumes.
  • No dip methods: liquid flows from the torch through pumps and cleans the weld ensuring the cleanliness of the workplace, and the surroundings.
  • Waste cotton is used to wipe the weld area after neutralisation. No use of water to rinse the hazardous chemicals as used in conventional pickling method which further pollutes the environment and makes it harmful.
  • Non-hazardous phosphoric-based chemical used is safe for operator. Use of dangerous and hazardous chemicals like hydrofluoric and nitric acids is completely avoided. Clinox Power can also be used for polishing of weld area and to improve the aesthetics.
  • Neutralisation is very easy and safer. Job passivation starts after two hours. Clinox Power is also used to mark logos, barcodes, product names and numbers.
  • Matte finish ensures that there is no formation of oxide on the surface in future.

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