Chromalox, a leader in advanced thermal technologies, today announced their new line of boilers with the patented DirectConnect™ heating technology at Power Gen International. The new high capacity steam boilers are uniquely designed for large industrial applications by offering steam output of up to 21,353 lbs/hr, and standard pressures of up to 450 psig. The line offers voltages ranges of up to 6,600 volts that allows for an economical installation, along with highly operational efficiency.
In addition, Chromalox DirectConnect boilers operate with an advanced power control system. Solid state power components, along with optimized logic control, allow for an almost infinite number of step controls, ranging from 0-100% scalability. This setup delivers instantaneous power conversion to heat energy and ensures all available power is directly delivered to the process.
“Our latest generation of DirectConnect products are unparalleled in the industry,” said Mark Wheeler, Director, Global Product Manager of Systems & Services at Chromalox. “This offering is the first of its kind in the industry to combine resistive heating with the high efficiency medium voltage is known for. No technology exists that can match the voltage range, third party certifications, and patented control methodology of Chromalox’s DirectConnect medium voltage system. This technology allows our global customers to explore safe, highly efficient, emission-free, and cost effective electric solutions for their large process heating needs.”