Micro Electron Beam processing Machines


The system can weld turbo chargers that are known to be weldable with the electron beam. Examples are: Stainless Steel, High Strength Steel, Ti, Nitinol, Ta, Al, Cu, Bronze, Kovar, Au and more. In difficult cases, the weldability can depend on the alloying content of the selected material.
The system is also frequently used to weld dissimilar materials. Some tested combinations are: Cu @ Al, Stainless Steel @ Platinum, Stainless Steel @ Bronze, Stainless Steel @ Kovar. Due to the narrow beam, the system has advantages in the micro welding because of the low heat input to the welded workpiece. The ‘maximum’ penetration depth is approximately 10mm for steel. This is a depth range that fits for almost all applications that are reasonable for this device.
The lowest welding depth goes down to 100µm.
The available chamber dimensions are:

  • L8-chamber: Ø235 mm x 155 mm
  • L95-chamber: 500 mm x 400 mm x 475 mm

This leads to flexible useable work piece sizes of about:

  • L8-chamber: Ø150 mm x 150 mm
  • L95-chamber: 220 mm x 200 mm x 375 mm

If the workpiece size exceeds this limit, the position of the joint becomes important and usable workpieces can also be larger than indicated boundless usable area and can reach the chamber dimensions.
In case of further negotiations, we have to prove those workpiece sizes together with the accessibility of the welding path.
In case of welding in vacuum with the laser for stainless steel, kovar and high strength steel we recognized no difference in the weldability between electron beam and laser. Laser beam welding in vacuum is a new field the amount of tests for weldability is still limited.
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