Kemppi’s new Robotic Center in India and China


Kemppi opens up a robotic welding application center in Pune, India to respond to the increasing needs for welding automation. The center provides complete and innovative solutions and services to the integrators and end customers. Kemppi’s experienced welding engineers help the customers to optimize their welding applications, and offer comprehensive training, covering all aspects of welding.

“The robotic welding application center helps to speed up our growth in Asia, which is one of Kemppi’s strategic target areas. Kemppi India Private Ltd. started its operations in Chennai in 2011, and the new application center is a natural next step in the market where the accelerating automation increases the popularity of robotic welding”, says Ville Vuori. “The center gives insight to increase customer understanding and helps in serving the important markets in India even better. Local expertise is a key business factor for Kemppi”, he continues.

The Pune center is equipped with Kemppi’s state-of-the-art A7 MIG Welder and KempArc robotic welding systems integrated with robots from well-known robot manufacturers. The systems are presented in action to demonstrate the efficiency and quality that can be reached with Kemppi’s Wise optimized welding processes. The visitors can also try the A7 MIG Welder’s unique web browser-based interface in practice and experience its ease of use and how much it saves time in system setup.

A similar robotic welding application center was opened in Beijing, China during December 2017. “Robotic welding and Asia are both strategic focus areas for Kemppi. Kemppi made its first deliveries to China already in the late 1980s and has invested significantly in the development of robotic welding solutions during the past years. The robotic welding application center is a natural next step in serving the important and fast-growing robotic welding markets in China and Southeast Asia even better”, says Hannu Jokela. “Local expertise is the key business factor for Kemppi,” he continues.

The center in China is equipped with Kemppi’s wide range of robotic welding equipment and robots from well-known robot manufacturers. In the center the visitors can see the state of the art A7 MIG WelderKempArc Pulse 450 and KempArc SYN 500 welding automation systems in action. They can witness the efficiency and quality reached with Kemppi’s application-optimized Wise welding processes, try how easy the unique, web browser based user interface for A7 MIG Welder is to use, and how much it saves time in setup.