Annamalai University plans to start UNIC-PROSPER: Need support and guidance


Annamalai University established a “Centre for Materials Joining & Research (CEMAJOR)” in 2007 under AICTE-NAFETIC scheme. This Centre is carrying out Research & Development (R&D) work on Materials Joining (Welding) field for the last 15 years with the support of various funding agencies such as DST, DRDO, DAE, ISRO, UGC, AICTE etc.  So far, the University has completed more than 30 R&D project works worth of Rs. 10 crores and 5 more project works worth of Rs. 3 crores are being implemented. Through this project, world class welding, testing and characterization facilities have been created in the Centre. Moreover, there are good numbers of qualified faculty members expertised in this field.
Under these circumstances, to utilize the infrastructure facilities and expertise of faculties available in the Centre effectively, a new PG program on Welding Engineering, i.e., M.E (Welding Engineering) was started in 2016. The concept of this program is; during the first two semesters, the students will be studying at Annamalai University and they have to complete 14 theory papers and 2 labs. In the next two semesters, students will go to welding or fabrication industry and do project work. So at the end of the two years, student will be awarded PG Degree and through this scheme the student will have a PG Degree with one year industry experience. For these students, Annamalai University offers a stipend of Rs. 6,000 per month and these stipend were sponsored by industries. Some of the industries such as ADOR Welding, Fronius India, Weldwell Speciality, Honovar Electrodes, Mailam India, MATCON, R.V. Machine Tools supported this program. Each contributed Rs. 2 lakhs towards the fellowship and thus 15 students were admitted in 2016 and they are all in 4thsemester now doing project work at industries. Also, during the second batch, 15 students were admitted and they are in first semester. This program is a huge hit among the Universities and all the visiting accreditation committees appreciated this novel effort in an industrially backward area.
In continuation to this effort, Annamalai University have planned to start a consortium of Annamalai University and Industries (mainly welding and fabrication related industries) to support this program in long run. For this purpose, Annamalai University look forward for your support and guidance. The consortium will be named as “University-Industry Consortium for Providing Opportunities & Support for Pursuing Welding Education and Research (UNIC-PROSPER)”. Through this consortium, following activities are planned:
(i) Providing opportunities to the B.E/M.E/Ph.D students to do industry relevant projects in industry;
(ii) Providing opportunities to B.E/M.E/Ph.D students to undergo one month Inplant Training during summer or winter vacation;
(iii) Organizing Guest Lectures/Expert Lectures by the Industry People for the benefit of students, scholars and teachers;
(iv) Conducting on-campus recruitment drive to the B.E/M.E/Ph.d students to assure 100% Placement to the students those pursuing Welding Education & Research;
(v) Providing Inputs to formulate Industry Relevant R&D projects and submitting to the funding agencies as a Joint Projects to get financial assistance;
(vi) Conducting Short Term Training Programs on specific topics for the benefit of Practicing Engineers as well as to the University/College Teachers;
(vii) Conducting National Level Annual Convention for the students and scholars to display their inventions and innovations related to welding and fabrication;
(viii) Creating awareness among the students on the importance and opportunities in welding education and research by conducting Quiz Programs, Technical Seminars;
(ix) Conducting Certificate/Diploma Programs on Welding Inspectors, Welding Supervisors, Welding Engineers through Centre for Skill Development, Annamalai University;
(x) Creating an Incubation Center for the indigenous development of processes, consumables, equipments etc related to welding and fabrication industries;
(xi) Providing Financial Support to the Students those who are doing Welding related projects (For UG students: Rs. 2,500 per month; For PG students: Rs. 5,000 per month and For Ph.D scholars: Rs. 10,000 per month)
(xii) Providing solutions to the problems of Welding and Fabrication Industries through Consultancy projects.
As the University is geographically located in a socially, economically and industrially backward area (located in Chidambaram which is 250 km south of Chennai and 75 km south of Pondicherry amd 200 km north of Tiruchirappalli), a humble request to all the esteemed readers, to become the Permanent Member of this Consortium inorder to support, help and guide the students.
Annamalai University has planned to inaugurate this Consortium during 1st week of July 2018. Members of the Consortium will meet at Annamalai University once in six months (July and January) to assess the activities of the consortium. Please accept this noble and novel initiative and support magnanimously to uplift the downtrodden student community. Expecting your willingness to become a Permanent Member of this Consortium and swift response in this regard is very much appreciated before 15th May 2018.
The permanent members are requested to donate or contribute Rs. 25,000 every year, for the effective functioning of this consortium, preferably before 30th May every year.
Annamalai University is a State Government University and all your donations will be exempted from TAX under 80-G. Your donations will be used to carry out the above listed activities under the banner of the consortium (UNIC-PROSPER).
For More Details:
Dr. V. Balasubramanian
Professor & Director,
Centre for Materials Joining & Research (CEMAJOR)
Department of Manufacturing Engineering,
Annamalai University