Vacufix®: A high-temperature vacuum clamping fixture


Förster welding systems GmbH, a leading manufacturer of welding tables with T-slot system, presents a world novelty: the vacuum clamping system Vacufix® in connection with the ergonomic Ergofix® manipulator. With the Vacufix® clamping system it is possible to create different welding fixtures for sheet metal structures by using just a single kit. With patented high-temperature vacuum chucks it is now possible to fix sheets and profiles by vacuum quickly, safely and freely. In addition, weld seams are not hidden by clamping arms and can be welded consistently. Because of versatile possibilities of movement the Ergofix® manipulator allows an ergonomic posture for flexible positioning and optimum accessibility of the components to be welded.
The Vacufix® is a high-temperature vacuum clamping fixture. To fix the components the vacuum chucks were supplied with compressed air. The high-temperature vacuum clamping plate consists of an elastic and easily replaceable high quality steel plate, as a sealing surface. If the sheet metal part is put on, the ball valve will open, the surface is subjected to a vacuum and the sheet metal part is “sucked” from the vacuum chuck. The position of the sheet metal part can be aligned correctly in the first level of vaccum exhaust. In the second extraction level fix large holding forces from 40 to 45 kg per vacuum plate the position of the sheet metal part. Especially in the stainless steel production the thermal distortion of sheet metal parts can be counteracted. The vacuum clamping system Vacufix® is in conjunction with the manipulator Ergofix® a complete solution for difficult welding tasks. The Ergofix® is infinitely adjustable in height, can be tilted to 45 ° and rotated to 360 °. Thus, the Ergofix® manipulator allows the user an ergonomic posture and an optimal position of the weld on the module. For the table surface T-slot rails with aluminum-copper alloy are used. Thus, the rotating and tilting movements can be performed without much effort. The Ergofix® manipulator is designed for a payload of up to 100kg and the table surface is available in different sizes.