Amazing Mallcom Welding gloves that revolutionized safety in Welding Industry


Hazards of welding are hot metal surface, chips & slug droplets which cause burns. Intense light causes eye damage. Ultraviolet causes welder’s flash and skin burns. Smokes produced during welding are a mixture of fumes and fine particles, some of these materials are extremely toxic. Three types of PPE’s are needed for safe execution of welding job-work. PPE’s for Eye and face protection, – it is achieved by a helmet with welding mask glass. PPE’s for ventilation,- welding smokes and fumes are alleviated by good LEV or local exhaust ventilation system. PPE’s for hand & body protection – welding gloves & aprons are used, as per EN 11611:2011 & EN 407:2004 norms.
What is EN 11611:2011 & EN 407:2004
This standard specifies the test methods and the general requirements, the classification and the marking of gloves for protection against heat and/or fire (flames, contact heat, convective heat, radiant heat, small metal splashes or large projections of molten metal). The nature and degree of protection is shown by a pictogram followed by a series of six performance levels, relating to specific protective qualities. The higher the number, the better the test result.

Mallcom (India) Ltd with its complete range of welding glove has become leading provider of welding safety equipment.

Mallcom revolutionized welding safety by introducing natural split leather welder gloves. With increased flexibility it improved work precision in Welding. Dearly called F524, which has become safety standard in welding industry, this glove has 15 cm split leather cuffs to protect veins in wrist region from hot metal droplets during welding.

Mallcom also produces welding gloves which are suitable to use in humid conditions. F437 is industry leading fleece lined glove with a total protective length of 35 cm. Fleece lining absorb perspiration of palm, keep glove-inside dry and comfortable. Reduce slippage. Fleece lining also prolong the life of glove leather. It can resist heat up to 100 degree Celsius.

For winter climate welding Mallcom’s H468 is the ultimate safety glove. It is water repellent. Full grain leather. Excellent abrasion resistance to protect from occasional bruise & cut. Stitched with strong Kevlar thread it outperforms any common glove in this category. It has extended 20 cm split leather cuff for veins protection. It also has adjustable Velcro for fastening cuffs to protect from wintery cold air.

HAMK is a fire and heat resistant welder glove. To protect from molten metal and occasional splashes, back of palm and cuffs are protected with Aluminized PEROX fabric. It is also stitched with Kevlar thread to protect joints in proximity of heat. Glove inside is lined with 100% wool to insulated from sudden rise in heat in incident of molten metal splash.

KWS15 is a fully heat insulated glove. Palm is made up of 100% Kevlar. Soft split leather for cuff protection. It is a mitten design glove which has two chambers, one for thumb another for other four fingers. It protects user’s hand from flame and contact temperature up to 350oC.