NOVA3 LW Series: Laser Welding Workstation


Enter the world of laser welding with MIYACHI EAPRO’s new, versatile NOVA3 Laser Welding Systems. AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE NOVA3 Series Laser Welding Workstations are modular, flexible, “lean-manufacturing-ready” Class 1 safety enclosures for precision laser spot welding and precision laser seam welding of medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace components, as well as a broad range of other industrial applications.
With the purchase of NOVA3, our customers can produce their parts at an efficient cost point and maximize the profit per product. AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers its expertise to all of its customers to correctly match any welding application with the right laser welder, fibers, optics, tooling and process parameters. The Miyachi laser welders can join a wide range of (stainless) steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum, and copper.
Typical laser welding applications include seam sealing of medical devices, high frequency aerospace radar components, spot welding of small mechanical parts, battery housings, hermetic seam welding of sensors, batteries, battery packages, etc.
The NOVA3 is available in five configurations: for laser welding, resistance welding, hot bar bonding, laser marking and laser cutting. For laser welding, it can be equipped with Pulsed Nd-YAG lasers up to 600W, continuous wave fiber lasers up to 5000W and Quasi Continuous Wave (Pulsed) Fiber lasers up to 600W average power. Typically, these lasers are used for precision spot- or seam welding of metal parts.

Benefits of NOVA3 Laser Welding Systems

  • Economical with high performance ruggedized  industrial laser equipment
  • CE approved Class I Eyesafe enclosure
  • Stable and ergonomic platform for continuous production and stress-free operators
  • Customizable to specific production requirements. Fits CW fiber lasers, QCW fiber lasers and pulsed Nd-YAG lasers
  • Possibility of manual, pneumatic and motorized doors. Opening to the top, or to the side.
  • Multi-axis CNC motion

The following options are available:

  • CNC module for easy programming of complex contours
  • CCTV camera system for parts alignment
  • Remote diagnostics by 3G or LAN
  • Inline configurations (SMEMA compatible)
  • Fourth (rotary) axis in several versions including high speed, high load
  • Parts clamping by chucks, collets. Clamping can be operated manual or automatic
  • Lathe constructions for positioning, pressing and welding of rotary parts
  • Fume extraction and filtration
  • Customer specific tooling and parts programming
  • Auto-eject of welded parts onto chutes and containers
  • Automatic bins for “not OK” parts

Key Features

  • Modular system adaptable to specific production requirements
  • Integrated touch screen for easy programming
  • Class-1 safety enclosure
  • Stable platform for laser welds of the highest quality and accuracy
  • Fits Miyachi lasers and optics
  • Servo motor driven axis (XYZ)
  • Several door configurations possible: Opening direction horizontal or vertical Actuation method manual, pneumatic or motorised
  • Data logging of system messages
  • Password controlled user levels
  • Ergonomic platform for continuous production and stress-free, concentrated and effective operators
  • Produce your parts at an efficient cost point and maximize the profit per product