TEKNO 2017: An excellent opportunity to comprehend technical aspects of the industry.


Rupashree Singh, Project Manager,
Al Fajer Information & Services

   Satish Khanna, General Manager,                                         
  Al Fajer Information & Services           

Could you brief us on TEKNO 2017 expo? What is the exhibition all about?
TEKNO was introduced to the Middle East region by Al Fajer Information and Services (AFIS), a company specialised in organizing exhibitions in various disciplines. AFIS is owned by His Highness Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum, a scion of the Ruling Family.
TEKNO 2017 shall bring together all the major aspects of the industry for 3 days, from 17-19 December 2017 in Hall 3 of Dubai World Trade Centre.
Earlier collocated with ArabPlast, TEKNO from 2017 creates its own identity as a stand-alone trade fair.
With rapid industrialization and focus on heavy investments in infrastructure projects, TEKNO 2017 shall be the region’s only international industrial trade show exclusively for the manufacturing, technology and solutions.
With several new projects been announced recently in infrastructure like pipelines, airports, real estate, and industrial sector along with government initiatives, the economy has received a major boost. TEKNO 2017 serves as an immediate beneficiary to various industrial sectors, of which tubes, pipes, rods, wires, cables and welding, cutting, joining, and surfacing is an integral part. As such, the exhibition this year is all about introduction to latest products of the industry, sharing best practices and integrated methods for market penetration and a lucrative opportunity to understand the current market dynamics and its effects on the business.
What would be the key focus areas?
 TEKNO 2017 will focus on metal and metal working, tubes, rods and pipes, wires and cables, welding cutting and joining products and technology. Experts will introduce research results, market developments, solutions, and technologies for manufacturers and users of joining, cutting and surfacing domains.
Traditionally, the expo attracted major players from the industry, and this year will indeed prove to be no different, offering the same – if not more – for the avid delegate and exhibitor alike.
How is the cutting and welding market scenario in Middle East?  
 As per a report by market realist, the global welding product market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5 per cent until 2020. The market is expected to touch $23.8 billion by the end of 2020.
The welding product market in the Middle East is primarily driven by the booming real estate, manufacturing and construction industries as well as the infrastructure development.
Similarly, the revival in industrial  demand and increased oil and gas facilities, heavy fabrications, export demand, and focus on renewable energy usage have given an impetus for growth in the welding markets in the Middle East. Also, the rising demand for automotive products, consumables and equipment is surging the demand for the industry in the Middle East.
According to you, how will TEKNO 2017 stand out to be a great platform for both the exhibitors and visitors?
 TEKNO 2017 will not only give the exhibitors and visitors an insight into the latest trends, but shall also provide them a strategic platform to network and collaborate, share best practices and learn about key trends of the industry.
Furthermore, the event will serve as an excellent opportunity to comprehend technical aspects of the industry from subject-matter experts.
How has the response been so far from the exhibitors and visitors?
 Moving away from the shadows of Arab Plast and being a first time stand-alone trade fair, TEKNO has received an encouraging response from the industry.  We are confident that the positive momentum will continue.
Which sectors, according to you will be largely benefitted?
 All industries will benefit from this expo. However, the oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, transportation, infrastructure, energy, shipping, aviation and automotive sectors will receive a boost through TEKNO 2017.
Being bi-annual event, TEKNO was a great hit in 2015, Your comments.
 TEKNO 2015 served as a catalyst to boost the industry, and offered visitors and exhibitors a complete overview of all current developments and innovations in the industry.
 As compared to last edition, what are your expectations from TEKNO 2017?
 TEKNO 2017 will feature exhibitors and visitors from 14 countries. We expect a sizeable participation across various industry sectors and we are confident that the expo will continue to evolve in the future editions.
Closing message.
TEKNO 2017 will present advance content and will provide domestic and international players an insight into the landmark success stories. We look forward to hosting this prestigious international event and bringing the international industry experts to the region.
TEKNO 2017 is shaped to deliver outstanding insight, and create exceptional networking and new business opportunities, whilst ensuring a robust return-on-investment. As such, we encourage professionals of the industry to participate in this international event to boost their business and provide momentum to the industry.