World’s Largest: Jubail II Construction


With more than 20,000 workers during its peak season and investing more that $4 billion in infrastructure, the area will be turned into a large industrial park, larger than what it is right now. The work encompasses miles and miles of roads, utilities, water, wastewater and all required infrastructure. About $18 billion dollars are being designed to build the industrial city, extending from the existing industrial park to Kuwait-RasTanura corridor. The construction process is so large and wide that the project has been broken into four phases. Over 50,000 residential units will be added by 2026 as part of the expansion process. The RCJY has asked Bechtel, which handled Jubail 1, to manage Jubail II. This 22-year long industrial city project began its second phase in 2014 with an $11 billion expansion. It comprises at least 100 industrial plants, an 800,000 cubic meter desalination plant, miles of railways, roads and highways, and an oil refinery producing at least 350,000 barrels per day. The entire project is slated to be finished in 2024.