Weldable Tungsten Carbide Tiles- Breakthrough Innovative Product for Wear Protection


A proven innovation in wear protection named ‘Ferobide’ has been brought to India, thanks to the partnership between Tenmat Limited, blue-chip UK manufacturer, and Weldwell Specilaity Pvt. Ltd, the leading trusted supplier to the welding industry in India for more than 25 years.
Ferobide is the only product to offer excellent wear protection levels combined with user-friendliness and easy installation. It uses a hardened steel matrix (weldable) to efficiently bind together 1,500 HV hardness tungsten carbide particles (wear resistance).  It is quickly welded with standard base material, as easily in the field as in the workshop.
The innovativeness of this unique product lies in bonding with the base material which is done by welding electrode and thus, provides a much stronger bond with the surface hardness of tungsten carbide which provides unparalleled resistance to abrasive wear combined with impact.
Vital customer benefits include greatly improved yields and efficiency, significantly reduced downtime, a single Ferobide tile can be customised to fit nearly any tool, working depth and profile of GETs is maintained, wear part lifetime is increased, and the hardness of metal tools is preserved only by welding Ferobide.
There are key technical features which make Ferobide superior over other options. Brazed tungsten carbide tips are indeed wear resistant, yet only be applied by specialists using costly brazing equipment. This process overheats an entire wear part, softening large parts of it. This softening reduces lifetime because the wear part is weakened by heating and thus less resistant. Often a wear part body will wear out, leaving the hard tungsten edge wasted. Ferobide is welded in place, meaning no heating of the body. Ferobide gives longer life though its own wear resistance, whilst the body of a wear part keeps all wear resistance properties. Ferobide can also be welded to weakened zones of brazed tungsten wear parts to add extra lifetime.
Another option is hardfacing welding wire or electrodes, which can be applied in the field, but this can be time-intensive and only offers low wear resistance and lower thickness. Ferobide can be quicker to apply and offers a greatly increased level of wear resistance over hardfacing welding electrodes/wires and give thickness as high as 8.0 mm.
Ferobide is easily cut to shape with standard grinding wheels, meaning that one Ferobide tile can be customised to fit nearly any wear part design.
Applications where Ferobide has improved wear part lifetime and machinery work output include agricultural tillage equipment, decanter centrifuge scroll flights, drag chain links in mining, cutter-head secondary protection on tunnel boring machines, muller mixer blades, cement mixer paddles, scraper blades, excavator buckets, dozer blades, belt scraper units, plough edges, road planning contact surfaces and many more similar applications
Ferobide tiles are flat and rectangular, ranging from 8 x 40 mm to 40 x 40 mm, 4, 6 or 8 mm thick. Special shapes can be made upon request and large demand.