Kemppi appoints new CEO


Ville Vuori has been appointed as the new CEO of Kemppi Oy. Currently, Vuori acts as the CEO of Incap Oyj. According to the current plans, Vuori will begin his work at Kemppi by the end of this year. Before Incap, Oyj Vuori has worked as the CEO of Kumera Drives and Finavia’s Sky How Ltd. In addition, he has a long experience in global management positions from ABB. He has an extensive experience in leadership and business, and holds strong proof of managing companies successfully. Ville is familiar with the characteristics of both large and small companies as well as public companies and family-owned businesses. He is used to operating in an international environment and has experience in working with many of the customer segments important to us. From Ville’s background, he has worked as a plater-welder before starting his studies, which means he has seen the world of welding also on a more practical level.