A seamless, copper-coated cored wire, developed for the submerged arc welding


Filler metal specialist Böhler Welding has introduced BÖHLER SUBARC T55 HP – a seamless, copper-coated cored wire developed for the submerged arc welding of unalloyed and fine-grained structural steels upto a yield strength of 460 MPa. It has a series of advantages over solid wire which, together represent a great potential for a reduction of total SAW welding costs and project lead times. Applicability and obtainable savings strongly depend on the SAW application and a thorough analysis is needed to assess feasibility, in which Böhler Welding specialists can support interested fabricators.BÖHLER SUBARC T55 HP is a basic cored wire which is specially formulated to fully benefit from the increased deposition rate brought along by the cored wire design. In combination with three different fluxes – UV 421 TT, UV 400 and UV 306 – it forms cored wire / flux combinations for a variety of applications. It allows substantially higher welding currents in a butt welding and higher travel speeds in fillet welding in situations where a higher heat input is acceptable. Alternatively, users can opt for a lower heat input at the same deposition rate / travel speed or any other desired balance. The basic flux formulation brings reserve in terms of strength and CVN impact toughness to compensate for the bigger weld beads and fewer layers that come along with the increased deposition rates.Increased welding productivity and lower total welding costs are further promoted by important side-effects such as dependable weld penetration and tie-in, easier slag release and lower flux consumption, lower defect rates and lower contact tip. The SUBARC T 55 HP wire / flux combinations can be applied in single wire, tandem wire and twin wire SAW systems.