Rajesh Chalwadi

post authorEliza Bhalerao 01 December 2017

Rajesh Chalwadi

Admin & Finance, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission

Many congratulations on the launch of the magazine. The magazine is outstanding, covering the past, present and future of welding industry, giving indepth information about latest welding technologies, with future trends. It contains foresight of the forerunners into the field, giving details on ongoing and future events. Overall the magazine has nicely covered the welding industry. The magazine will help the welding industry in gearing up with new technologies and challenges. It will open up new avenues and partnerships, and will help attract new generation in this hitherto neglected sector. I strongly recommend this magazine to not only the welding industry but to every industry, as WELDING is the bond that binds each and every industry…
May all Success WELD your LIFE…

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