R. Easwaran

post authorEliza Bhalerao 08 September 2017

R. Easwaran

GM & Head (Labs, Quality) Welding Research Institute, BHEL, Tiruchirappalli

Great to hear that a Bi-monthly magazine focusing on welding, fabrication and related segments is being launched with the first issue planned in August 2017. Needless to say, this is a topic close to heart and action at an institution like our Welding Research Institute. I am glad to note that the magazine is targeted at the professionals in the various spheres of welding in India, UAE, and other international markets so could open a good communication channel among the like-minded in the field.

Welding is a happening field, and with process, material, consumable, equipment, analytics improvements, there is a huge wealth of knowledge being created continually. Welding skills is another area attracting lot of concerted attention, and India should be able to spot the skills and nurture them in a big way, with a huge young population to choose from. The demand for welders across the globe is also on the increase, with many countries having issues due to ageing population.

I am sure WeldFab Tech Times will scout around for the relevant information in the field and share with its expected 5000+ readership.

Best wishes for a great first issue release and from then on, a continuing journey.

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