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post authorEliza Bhalerao 08 September 2017

CC Girotra

MD, Weldwell Speciality Ltd

Congratulations on the upcoming publication – WELDFAB TECH TIMES magazine. It is a good initiative by you. Welding industry till now had only one regular publication that is INDIAN WELDING JOURNAL published quarterly by the IIW-Kolkata office. For a large country like ours, this kind of publication by a private organisation is really a commendable step. The IIW publication cover topics related to the academic world and R&D work being done. I hope WELDFAB TECH TIMES will cover the application side of the welding technology and provide news of what’s going on in the real world. Weld Fab can become a spokesman/messenger of the welding industry by various methods of communication, interaction forums.

I wish you and your editorial team all the best.

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