Welding Consultancy Services: MEHTA SANGHVI & CO

News post authorEliza Bhalerao 09 March 2020

Welding Consultancy Services: MEHTA SANGHVI & CO

  • Technical Service

As specialist experts to the welding industry, we can assist and advise the client as single stop solution for all welding related requirements which includes

  • Choice and optimisation of welding processes
  • Interpreting the tender material
  • Weld design reviews
  • Technical advice on producing sound weld
  • Co-ordination and control of welding related operations
  • Technical inputs for meetings with client
  • Welding automation


  • Welding Procedure Qualification and Welder Qualification support
  • We can write/develop all required welding procedures (WPS), procedure qualification records and advise on all relevant codes, standards and specifications
  • Assist in training and qualification of welders/ welding operators to various codes, standards and customer specification


  • Quality Documentation Reviews
  • Produce QA/QC documentation and provide working instructions for any welding application, no matter how large or small


  • On Site Services, General Help & Advice
  • Our services are available as a ‘hands-on’, or a more formal ‘technical engineering’ approach; you decide which one, or we’ll be happy to offer you both. The scope includes
    • Shop visit and technical audit
    • Understanding the client requirements and expectations
    • Visit report mentioning improvement areas in quality and productivity
    • Trouble shooting if any


  • Material Selection, Post weld heat treatment and Testing
  • Advice on material selection and behavioural effects of composition variation with materials
  • Development of Post weld heat treatment methodology and procedure for complex materials, metallurgy and geometry etc
  • Mechanical testing for welding qualifications and for investigative purposes
  • Material analysis and corrosion testing
  • Metallurgical investigation


  • Investigations and Analysis
  • Investigation of weldability problems and failure analysis


  • Training Services
  • Preparation of customized training modules an arranging training at customer premises


For More Info:
T +91 (0) 2859 2847   | +91 (0) 2852 3395
Email: mehtasanghvi.k@gmail.com

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