D&H Secheron modifies Rutox-D and D&H 1223(NS)

News post authorEliza Bhalerao 07 November 2020

D&H Secheron modifies Rutox-D and D&H 1223(NS)

There are special Corrosion requirements to meet by E 316L-16 class consumables. Most of the requirements are from customers like L&T Hydrocarbon, ISGEC-Dahej, Thermax-Pune, Anup Engineering-Ahmadabad, TEMA India Ltd., Gujarat and others.

D&H Secheron’s Rutox-D has been modified to meet these requirements and tested as per ASTM A-262, Practice-B. Rutox-D is meeting customer’s requirement of 60 Mils /per year and Ferrite Number 2-6 by WRC diagram/By meter.

D&H 1223(NS) conforming to E NiCrMo-3 class was also modified to meet overlay property Iron (Fe) 7.0% max at 3mm height on Low alloy and carbon steel.

This modified product was tested for following properties also and found meeting the requirements;

  • Impact at 0°C
  • Corrosion Testing as per ASTM G-48 Method “A”-Test temperature : 22°C/72 Hours
  • Hardness : 285 HV10 as per NACE MR 0175
  • IGC Test as per ASTM G-28 Method “A”
  • IGC Test as per ASTM A 262 Practice C
  • SSCC Test as per NACE TM-01-77

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